Seasonal Sawce: Spring into Anime 2017, Part 1

It’s been a year since I started doing these Seasonal Sawce posts.  The fact that I haven’t missed one is a darn miracle, and you should all be proud of me.  Just don’t think of all the other things I should’ve also written by now.

As usual, the following anime are the ones I started this season and will be ranked from my least favorite/hype to my most favorite/hype.  A bit of disclosure this time around, too:  All of these are on Crunchyroll.  There are a few on Amazon’s Anime Strike I’d planned on watching, but they already get an annual Prime payment out of me, so I don’t feel like giving them more for their anime service…even though I don’t know how long that resolve will actually stick because I really, really, really want to watch Saekano Flat and Re:Creators.

Okay!  Let’s get this party started!

7) Eromanga Sensei

Eromanga Sensei

It’d be good if it wasn’t so bad.

Masamune Izumi is an orphaned high school light novel author who’s using his earnings to take care of himself and his little stepsister, Sagiri Izumi, who he hasn’t seen in a year because she won’t leave her room.  Problem is, though, Masamune isn’t that great of an author despite how much he writes.  His novels’ popularity are based almost solely on the artwork in them done by the anonymous Eromanga Sensei.  With Masamune desperate to get a new novel series released, he inadvertently finds out that Eromanga Sensei is actually Sagiri.  The two once distant siblings now have something to bond over as Kyousuke and Kirino look to reconnect and repair their relationship.

I know what I typed.  Same creator.  Same-ish set-up.  But…kinda better.  Sorta.  Eromanga Sensei isn’t inherently bad so far.  I’ve actually laughed at a few of the jokes, but I must confess that I am indeed hate-watching it.  I am here for the trainwreck.  Yes, the character designs look nice…just unfortunate that they’re mostly 12 or 13-year-old girls.  It’s almost admirable in how shameless it is.  And, seeing fictional creators do their art thing tends to get me motivated to write and doodle, so that’s a plus.  This show happens to be saddled with the same problem as Oreimo, though:  The main love interest is not only a less interesting character than the supporting cast, but it is also very disturbing to think of her ending up with the main protagonist–i.e.–her older brother.

Oh well!  Like I said earlier–I’m here to see how badly this turns out.  Enjoying the ride so far.  For the most part.

6) Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest

It’s like Shirobako, but they make a tourist trap instead.

Yoshino Koharu is a fresh college graduate whose future looks bright.  Or so she likes to tell herself.  In reality, she’s failed interview after interview and her parents are trying to get her to leave Tokyo and move back home.  Yoshino refuses to return to the country even though things aren’t going great.  She gets a break when the economically struggling town of Manoyama wants to hire to be their “Queen” in order to revitalize their tourist industry.  Yoshino decides to take the one-day gig, and heads to the sticks to help the town.  But, as it turns out she was hired by mistake and she actually signed her contract to work there for one year.  Thus, the new Queen of Manoyama is joined by four other young adult women as they spend the next year trying to find a way to bring more people to their town and figure out what they want to do with their lives.

I guess I’ve reached that age where stories about adults just trying to do their jobs and find their way speak to me.  Doesn’t interest me as much as Shirobako did (so far), but there are still plenty of moments that have made me pause the episode and stare off in the distance contemplating whether or not I should write those lines down.  But yeah, Sakura Quest is pretty fun so far.  It’s my designated cool-down anime this season, and I do enjoy me a show when I go back and forth over who is best girl/woman (Maki or Sanae–the others don’t matter).

If relatable, interesting characters doing their hardest to accomplish their goals gets your slice-of-life engine going, then check it out.

5) Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Those school uniforms sure are practical…magic.  Movie joke!

Sistine Fibel’s favorite teacher at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy has recently resigned, and she and her best friend Rumia Tingel wonder about his sudden departure on the way to school one morning.  Along the way, a disheveled man accidentally runs into them as he’s hurrying off somewhere.  Well, he would have run into them had Sistine not launched him with her wind magic.  That’s a bit of a no-no outside school grounds, and the man taunts her for doing so until she does it again and leaves.  Finally in their classroom, Sistine, Rumia, and their fellow classmates are astonished their new substitute teacher is so late–especially since rumor is he was recruited by the most powerful teacher at the school.  Finally their teacher arrives and–shock of all shocks–enter the bastard who ran into Sistine and Rumia, Glenn Radars.  The students eventually learn there’s more to the lazy, incompetent teacher than they initially thought, but they’ll have to wait till after study period to find out what it is.

I initially wasn’t going to watch Akashic Records since I’ve seen plenty of magical school shows in the past few years, and yes, even I can get tired of a genre.  The set-up also reminded me a bit of Irregular at Magic High School (seemingly inept mage being a secret badass), and that was another deterrent.  But, I saw that it was doing better on MyAnimeList than I expected and decided to check it out.  Glad I did!  I do wish Glenn maintained his bastard tendencies a little more, the female school uniforms are laughable in their pandering, and there are definitely some cliches present, but I do honestly like the cast and the rules for magic.  Glenn is a big plus and the main reason I look forward to this show every week.  Yes, he’s not as big of an asshole as I thought he would be, but he still taunts his students, shirks responsibility whenever he can, and makes reckless bets.

I wouldn’t exactly call the show fresh, but it has enough good ideas and heart to make it stand out a smidgen.

4) Love Tyrant

Love Tyrant

Akane top contender for Best Girl of 2017.  Fight me.

So, imagine you’re at home one day, and this cute girl cosplaying as a shinigami comes to your door saying she accidentally wrote your name in her Kiss Note–a magical notebook that forces two people whose names are written down with an X between them to fall in love.  Well, this happens to Seiji Aino when the angel Guri visits him.  She tells him he needs to kiss someone or else she’ll die, so she convinces him to confess to his crush, the beautiful redhead Akane Hiyama.  She actually reciprocates his feelings a hundredfold, and everything turns out okay!… Except Guri finds Seiji interesting and pairs up herself with Seiji and Akane.  And Akane’s a legitimate murderous yandere.  And she has a younger sister who’s in love with her.  And they have an even crazier sadomasochist cousin.  And Seiji has a little sister who’s stalked by some sort of powerful penguin demon.  Well, at least he’s immortal now that he’s been paired up with an angel!   Yay?

Love Tyrant probably isn’t good.  At all.  But, I’ll be damned if the show doesn’t entertain the heck out of me.  Yeah, the jokes don’t always hit, and the show kinda falls into the same tropes it relishes in parodying.  I just always find it charming.  The character designs are neat, there are some wonderful facial expressions, and the seriousness of some events isn’t so far from the humor that it feels out of place.  I also like how the show kinda ponders what exactly love is.  Might be giving it too much credit, but Guri’s whole thing is she’s trying to understand love.  She doesn’t know the difference between familial love, friendly love, and romantic love.  I enjoy their shenanigans as she tries to figure it all out.  Also, Akane is great.  I get yandere love now.

It ain’t the funniest anime out there, but I like what it does.

3) Kado: The Right Answer

Kado The Right Answer

Arrival, starring Roger Smith.

A cube two kilometers on each side suddenly appears at a Japanese airport one day.  The cube is made of a material that deflects any and all contact no matter the force, and worst of all is it’s appeared on top of a plane carrying 252 people.  No one knows the fate of the passengers, but finally, after 30 hours, a man walks out on top of the cube.  He is one of the passengers–Koujirou Shindou, the best negotiator for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The world is baffled until the owner of the cube, Yaha-kui zaShunina, appears next to him and informs all that he has come to Earth as a friend and Koujirou will speak on his behalf.  Let the negotiations begin!

I know that may not sound like the most exciting synopsis, and it honestly isn’t.  Kado: The Right Answer maintains a fairly slow pace and doesn’t seem to be interested in speeding things up too much.  But, Kado is pretty legit.  Koujirou is an immensely likable protagonist, and it’s easy to see why so many characters in-universe gravitate towards him.  The speed with which he adapts to Yaha-kui and treats the alien like a person who just doesn’t get people even amuses the young negotiator hired to be his opposite, Saraka Tsukai.  She, Yaha-kui, and the other characters are good, too, but it’s really the ideas that got me so interested.  Physics and communication work differently in Yaha-kui’s dimension.  There are concepts that seem absolutely impossible to humans at first, but it takes the Arrival approach of adapting one’s mind can alter one’s sense of reality.  That’s just cool as sh*t.  Also, I don’t know if I wasn’t paying close attention during the 0 episode (yes, you should watch episode 0 “Ninovo”), but I didn’t notice until the end that everything save for the backgrounds is CG.  Yeah.  A CG anime that doesn’t look like complete crap.  I can’t believe it.

Kado is a legitimately good sci-fi anime, and I implore you all to show it more love.

2) Attack on Titan Season 2

Attack on Titan Season 2


After the battle against Annie the Female Titan, one of the kingdom’s biggest secrets is revealed–Titans are inside the walls.  And–as they so often do–things go from bad to worse when the rest of the 104th Training Corps graduates are attacked by Titans in a place where there shouldn’t be any Titans and the new recruits don’t have their OMD Gear.  The mysteries of the Titans’ identities and the bleakness of the world are the driving forces in this second season of Attack on Titan.

Yeah, spoiler alert–this list is dominated by second seasons.  Sorry, but I love these shows!  Distance may not have made my heart grow fonder for Attack on Titan, but now I remember why it became such a big thing.  The world-building is just the best, the soundtrack is bumpin’, the characters are great, the mysteries are deep and interesting, and hey, it looks pretty good, too.  I appreciate they wanted to focus more on the pants-crapping horror of the world at the beginning, but I gotta tell ya, the show is at its best for me when Mikasa is killing all the things.  Also, the fight between Eren and the Armored Titan was an MMA fan’s dream come true.

It’s season two of one of the most popular anime in recent years.  If you aren’t watching it…well, I can only assume it’s because you haven’t finished the first season.

1) My Hero Academia 2

My Hero Academia 2

The day has come.  (That’s a call back joke right there, son.)

It’s back!  Yes!  Oh, man.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve been wanting this new season of My Hero Academia.  It’s been a whole year since I last saw Izuku, All Might, Uraraka, Bakugo, and the others.  The students had just survived their first real encounter with actual supervillains!  Yeah, the first season started taking its sweet time after the first couple breakneck-paced episodes, but I love it all the same.  Although, I can’t quite put my finger on why I put this above AOT.  Why did I do that?  I can’t…wait.  I hear something.  Off in the distance.  Can it…can it be?  It can!  Oh, my!  Say it loud, my friend!  Say it loud!


Yeah…that’s the good stuff right there.  Not even an attack by supervillains can stop UA High School from hosting their annual sports festival.  It’s an event that’s essentially the new Olympics in terms of prestige and popularity.  The whole world tunes in to see the current crop of hero students and their powers.  Still unable to control his Quirk, Izuku is at a definite disadvantage, and things only get trickier when the top student in their class, Shouto Todoroki, acknowledges Izuku’s talent and vows to defeat him in the festival.  The other students are hungry for fame and recognition as well, so let’s see just who will rise to the top of this generation.

Hot damn, I love tournaments.

Yeah, I love the world, characters, concepts, look, soundtrack, and everything else about MHA, but you throw in a tournament arc and my poor body just can’t handle it.  I love this stuff!

Despite the triumphant returns of Academia and Titan, I think I was enjoying last season a little more at this point.  Overall, at least.  Only by a bit.  Even then I’m still flip-flopping on it.  But yeah, this season of anime has been fun so far, and I just wish Amazon didn’t stream anime so Crunchyroll and Funimation could take them.

It’s actually time to start the Summer of Anime series, so it’s a guarantee when next we meet it won’t be another Seasonal Sawce.  Rejoice!

Peace out, and stay bizarre.

Seasonal Sawce: Winner, Winter Anime Dinner 2017, Part 2

Waited a week to write this just to make sure everything I started last season was definitely finished.  And, other than Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation, they are!

As always, the anime that I watched this season shall now be ranked from worst to best.  Hobey-ho, and so we go.


Fuuka 2

Oh, Sara.  You deserve a better anime.

Ya know, I didn’t really expect Fuuka to get better.  Sure, the characters became more likable, but nothing I ever saw made me go, “Man, this show right here is gonna be great.”  I do hate being right sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, I did overall somewhat enjoy watching Fuuka.  Just never felt like there was any heart or ambition behind the decisions made for the show.  Oh no, Yuu hooks up with pop-star childhood friend Koyuki which forces jilted Fuuka to abandon the band she created and go solo.  Certainly a neat twist for those familiar with the manga (spoiler alert: Fuuka gets run over in the manga and is later replaced by another Fuuka for Yuu to woo), but there was nothing to it!  It never felt like a big deal.  I was excited to see this turn of events, but the anime just sorta mozied on along to the end.  At least most of these crazy kids get a happy ending.

I’ll give it a 5.5 out of 10.  Better than average…not by much, though.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune-kun's Revenge 2

Revenge:  Complete.

I wanted to love Masamune-kun’s Revenge.  I wound up just liking it.  It really did not utilize its set-up to its full advantage.  Guess I was hoping for more plotting or chicanery on Masamune’s part.  But, he is–deep down–a decent person, and the anime probably would’ve been intolerable if he was a genuine asshole.

The most confusing part is how the female lead, Aki, doesn’t feel all that important when compared to best girl, Neko.  Like, I know the confusion from when they were kids shaped them into the people they are in high school (show definitely should’ve explored that more), but Masamune’s revenge on Aki takes a backseat to Neko’s story and influence on him.  That’s how it seemed to me.  Or maybe that was just the more interesting part.  The episode where Masamune goes to her apartment is by far the best of this first(?) season.  Also don’t think the Impostormune arc was that compelling.

But hey, I’ll give this anime a 7.  I did really like the characters, and there’s enough there that I’d be more than happy to watch a second season.

Interviews with Monster Girls

Interviews with Monster Girls 2

Succubus-sensei is best sensei.

Oh, goody!  I get to talk about shows I love now!  Woo!

So, Interviews with Monster Girls was definitely my cool-down show of the season.  If I’d had a rough week or needed to get my emotional state back on track because other anime threw me for a loop, Interviews was waiting for me with open arms.  It’s just one of those cozy slice of lifers…that happens to star a handful of monster girls and one buff teacher.

One thing I really appreciate about Interviews is how down-to-earth it approached the physiology and problems of the titular monster girls.  Yuki slowly opening up to her fellow demis, Machi learning more and more about her nature, Hikari gaining friends she can be herself around, and Sakie finally meeting a man she can fully trust are all situations that many have struggled with just presented with a supernatural edge.  I can definitely sympathize with what they go through.  Sure, I don’t think this show does all that it can with its premise, but there’s certainly a lot of heart on screen.  Like, you can tell the people who made this want to be friends with all of these characters.

This is a solid 8 for me.  Also, Sakie is best girl of Winter 2017.  Praise be to Succubus-sensei!

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid 2

Two Dragons, a Girl, and a Cozy Apartment

Never thought an anime about a dragon becoming an office worker’s maid would be one of my favorite shows of a season, but here we are.  If you want a funny, legitimately heartwarming show, look no further than Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

The cast is charming, the animation is beautiful, and the stories are often fuzzy.  The thing that cements Dragon Maid as a pretty darn good show, though, is its exploration of loneliness.  One of my favorite vignettes details how Kobayashi and Tooru met.  Both lost due to how alone they are, and somewhere in their drunken bonding, they realize they could make each other’s lives better just by being together.  And they were right!  The other dragons who follow Tooru’s example and escape to Earth see what having someone can do for one of their own, so they, too, find people to spend their time with.  It’s just great seeing how connections with others can positively effect those essentially dealing with depression.

Throw in all that good stuff and you get a show I’m giving an 8.5 that is sometimes a 9.  Check out Kyoto Animation’s latest if you haven’t already.

KonoSuba 2

Konosuba 2 2

They ain’t the greatest heroes, but they’re the only ones we’ve got.

Didn’t know when I wrote the first post for this season that KonoSuba 2 was only going to be ten episodes.  They need to stop teasing me like this.  These shorter than average seasons just ain’t right!  Anyhoo, KonoSuba 2‘s last four episodes are just as funny as the ones previous.  Might even be funnier.

The last arc of season two sees the gang go to a town that actually worships Aqua, and–even though they expect the worst of those crazy enough to follow the impetuous goddess–it’s somehow more awful than they imagined.  Well, better for best girl Darkness as a follower of Eris since she likes the abuse thrown her way, but Kazuma and Megumin are horrified.  It remains consistently funny, and the final battle is as outlandish as the big throwdowns in KonoSuba always are.  Man, I love this series.

Easily a 9 out of 10.  Go.  Watch.  Laugh.

Descending Stories: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Descending Stories Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 2

All the world’s a stage.

Yeah, absolutely no movement on the board this season.  The second season of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is just that damn good.  Everything about this show sounds like something I would never watch (save for best woman Konatsu), but this series is solidly in my top ten.  It’s exploring what art means to the artists and audience, it’s the great characters, it’s their struggles, it’s their lives, it’s everything about this anime that makes me love it so.

Well, almost everything.  There’s one little hiccup of an implication that I found…off-putting, but I choose to ignore it.  It’s just not often an anime comes along that effects me on such a deep emotional level.  I was crying tears of joy along with Yotaro and Konatsu when she told him she was pregnant with his child.  I was devastated when Yakumo finally passed on with the first genuine smile he’d had on his face since Sukeroku died.  I was overjoyed to see that Matsuda had grown old enough to see Yotaro not only save rakugo, but to also make it better than ever.  I can’t speak highly enough of it.

Tye Dillinger, tell the people what I’m giving Descending Stories: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.



And that is it for Winter 2017.  Gotta say, if the first season of the year is this good, I can’t wait to see what the other three will bring us.

Peace out, and stay bizarre.

Digi-Ramblings on Digimon Adventure tri. 3 – Confession

The latest installment in the Digimon Adventure tri. movie series dropped a few days ago, so it’s time to talk about part four, Loss!  Wait, what was that?  I never wrote something for the third one?  Really?  I coulda sworn….

Okay!  Before I get into the fourth movie, I should probably say what I meant to say months ago about Confession.  Slip into a nice pair of goggles, y’all.  It’s time to ramble about some Digimon.


That orange thing’s name is Meicrackmon.  Really.

Confession starts on a bit of a down note for our DigiDestined.  Their newest friend Meiko has lost her Digimon to the infection, their old pal Leomon is dead for realsies, and they seem to have only just now realized the 02 team is missing.  I guess seeing Ken in all of his Digimon Emperor glory made them go, “Oh yeah.  We did know some other kids.  Where did they go?”  TK and Kari are naturally the two who follow up on this and go to Ken’s apartment.  No one answers.  The seriousness of the Ichijouji family missing was a little lost on me ‘cuz Kari takes a moment to notice how broad TK’s shoulders are now.  All I want is for those two to get together and undo the evil of the 02 epilogue.  That’s it.

Anyway, seeing as this is Izzy and TK’s movie, the two of them are the ones who face the greatest moral crises this time around.  I can’t believe it took me three movies to realize the problems each of the highlighted DigiDestined face are related to their Crests.  Tai seemingly loses his courage to fight, Matt’s friendship with Tai and the others is tested (again), Mimi’s sincerity gets her in trouble with her classmates and friends, and Joe is no longer a reliable member of the group.  All four seemingly overcome their hurdles in their respective movies, so how are Izzy and TK challenged here?


Izzy is stumped by whatever it is that’s infecting the Digimon.  He doesn’t know what it is so he can’t understand it and he can’t fight it.  Seeing just one of their own Digimon succumb and kill an ally is enough for him to lock himself up in his office and work non-stop in order to combat the virus.  This obsession leads him to snap at his friends at the beginning and drive a bit of a wedge between them.  Thankfully, these kids have been through enough together to understand Izzy’s just driven and not really mad at any of them.  His lack of knowledge keeps all of their Digimon locked up in his server separate from everything else so they can stay free of the infection.  Thus, his Crest is challenged.

With TK bearing the Crest of Hope, his is a bit more…tragic than Izzy’s fight.  At one point, the now reliable again Joe visits Izzy and forces him to sleep.  TK also visits, and it’s then the other Digimon decided to get out because Patamon wanted to hang out with TK.  While TK’s holding his partner Digimon, Patamon is momentarily overtaken by the infection and bites him.  TK then ignores the rules and takes Patamon home with him.  Partly to try and get the infection away from the other Digimon and partly so the others wouldn’t know and try to put down Patamon.  Patamon ain’t no fool, though, and understands what’s happening.  He realizes he doesn’t have much time and delivers one of the more heartbreaking lines in Digimon.  So yeah, the DigiDestined of Hope begins to lose hope.


During one of the Digimons’ momentary escapes from Izzy’s room, Patamon reveals to his brethren and sistren he’s infected.  Kari then shows up possessed by Homeostasis–yes, that Homeostasis–and tells them a great sacrifice must be made to save both the Digital and Human Worlds unless Meicoomon is stopped.  Himekawa arrives to catch Kari as she is de-possessed (un-possessed?) and informs the Digimon that Homeostasis might trigger a Reboot the next time Meicoomon crosses into the Human World.  Gatomon explains to the others this will erase all their memories with the DigiDestined, so they all decide to spend quality time with their partners.  Gabumon gets Matt to play the harmonica for him, Palmon listens to Mimi gossip, Agumon tries to get Tai to play soccer with him, Gomamon teases Joe about his alleged girlfriend, TK and Patamon just chill together, Tentomon looks after Izzy as he continues his research, and Gatomon gets Kari to take her out shopping.


No, you’re the one who’s crying as they take pictures together.

Agumon accidentally spills the Reboot beans, and Tentomon intentionally spills them.  Luckily for our heroes, this allows Izzy to figure out what’s up with the infection and he comes up with a plan to counter it.  It’s a good thing, too, because Meicoomon reappears, forcing the DigiDestined to fight one of their own.  In order to combat their combined might, Meicoomon Digivolves to Meicrackmon and starts whooping quite a bit of Digi-ass.  Patamon finally Digivolves to Angemon and joins the fray, and they manage to push Meicrackmon back into the distortion.  Things go south, though, as Angemon is completely taken over by his infection and attacks his friends–allowing the infection to spread to most of them as well.

Izzy arrives just in time to see how badly everything is going and for the Reboot countdown to begin.  He was able to create a backup field in which to place the infected Digimon so they could be restored when the Reboot occurs.  Tentomon goes into his Digivolutions and joins MetalGreymon in trying to force his friends into the backup field, but they are not having it.  The infection finally claims MetalGreymon, and it’s this mega struggle (get it?!) that causes Tentomon to finally reach his Mega form–HerculesKabuterimon!

Though powerful his new form is, HerculesKabuterimon can’t quite push his infected comrades back into the distortion–let alone the backup field.  In yet another heart-wrenching moment, he talks them out of their infection for just a moment, so that their partners’ last memories of them won’t be as monsters but as their friends.  Together, they share one final hug and dive into the distortion with Meicrackmon just in time to get Rebooted.


Seriously, I’m not crying at all.

For a week, the DigiDestined try to move past everything that’s happened to them, but they just can’t.  They all start hearing a whistling noise and see images of their partner Digimon.  Eventually, they all run into each other at the site of the Reboot and collectively decide they’re going to the Digital World.  Himekawa supports their decision, but Daigo doesn’t want these kids to put themselves in danger yet again.  TK tries to talk Meiko into going with them, but she won’t and believes she doesn’t deserve to since Meicoomon had been infected since they met years ago.  So, yeah.  Meiko knew that Meicoomon was the source of the infection but never said anything.  TK seems more forgiving of this since he, too, hid Patamon’s infection from his friends but they didn’t hold it against him ever after their Digimon essentially died.

Using the power of their Crests and Ken’s D3 Digivice which Himekawa brought (sneaky little trick), the eight OG DigiDestined travel to the Digital World once more.  Meiko arrives too late to join them and drops to the ground–realizing she may have just lost her only chance to see Meicoomon again.  The DigiDestined are meanwhile enjoying their nostalgia trip in the freshly minted Rebooted Digital World.  Everything seems the same, but then they get thrown for a loop as they see two Mega-Level Digimon duking it out–Alphamon and Jesmon.  Confused as to how Megas can even exist in this Digital World yet, they are drawn to their partner Digimon by the sound of a whistle.  As expected, the humans aren’t recognized by their dearest friends at all, but the kids decide they’ll just start over from scratch and befriend the Digimon again.

It wouldn’t be a tri. movie without a bit of a cliffhanger ending, though, as we then see Himekawa meet up with the Digimon Emperor in the Digital World.  The Digimon Emperor then shows his true form as Gennai, and Meicoomon is somewhere in the Digital woods wondering where Meiko is.


I’ll take a doughnut…and eat it!

Well now!  I know I wrote quite a bit, but Confession is actually the least action-packed of the movies so far despite being the longest.  The first time I watched it back when it originally popped up on Crunchyroll, I didn’t care much for it.  Thought it was too slow and that nothing happened.  Watched it a second time before I got to Loss, though, and it might be my favorite.  There’s just so much heart in this movie.  We’ve seen countless fights throughout all of Digimon, but this time it’s like the creators wanted to do emotional battles instead of physical ones.  And I have to say, it worked.

The Digimon not only understanding the sacrifice they’re going to have to make, but the fact they also decide to not tell any of their partners and instead just spend time with them was a real punch to the heart.  Jeez, these Digimon and their kids.  Glad to see Izzy and Tentomon step up in the final fight.  Was surprised we didn’t see Seraphimon, though.  With this also being TK’s movie, I genuinely expected to see Patamon go Mega.  One of my few complaints about Confession.

Another complaint is that TK went to see Meiko and told her about Patamon’s infection before he told anyone else.  Sure, you could argue that Meiko is the obvious one for him to confide in since her Digimon was also infected, but it felt a little forced to me.  I dunno.  I guess his options were limited since Matt probably would’ve told everybody and Kari probably would’ve told Tai, but I still think he could’ve gone to Sora or even Izzy.  Maybe.

Dat ending, though.  I wanted Himekawa to be on the side of the Angemon, but it looks like she really is running with the Devimon.  It’s pretty clear she wanted this Reboot to happen, but we don’t know why at this point (we do find out in Loss).  I still don’t think she’s a full villain.  Or maybe I just don’t want her to be.  Seeing her hanging out with this new evil Gennai disguised as the Digimon Emperor makes her seem pretty evil, though.  Speaking of which–Gennai’s evil now!  Holy poop!  How?  Why?  Ugh.  I can’t take it anymore.


And in our new segment “Royal Knight Watch,” Jesmon and Alphamon are seen fighting each other.  This has got to mean the Royal Knights are Adventure canon now.  There’s no other explanation.  Why were they fighting each other, though?  And why were they not Rebooted?  More questions that will hopefully be answered soon.  Along with the oldest of tri.:  What happened to the 02 team?  Seriously.  Himekawa had Ken’s Digivice.  What happened?

This certainly isn’t the prettiest post I’ve ever made on this blog, but I doubt it’s the ugliest either.  Keep an eye out for my post on the fourth movie Loss.  I got quite a bit I want to talk about in that one.

Seasonal Sawce: Winner, Winter Anime Dinner 2017, Part 1

Return of the Seasonal Sawce, y’all!  Get hype!

You kids know the drill by now:  At least six episodes into the new season, so it’s time to talk about what I’m watching in order of what I look forward to the least to what I look forward to the most.  This is a mercifully small season for me with only three carryovers from seasons past.  Without further ado, let’s talk about some Chinese cartoons.

7) Fuuka


“Fuuka me?”  Fuuka you!

Yuu Haruna is a Twitter-loving introvert who’s just moved in with his three sisters for some reason.  While out and about town one day he is accosted by a hardheaded, unpleasant girl who accuses him of taking a picture of her panties after she kneed him in the face.  She then does the only sensible thing and breaks his phone.  The following day at his new school, Yuu finds his attacker, Fuuka Akitsuki, and returns a CD to her she dropped after assaulting him.  Fuuka soon warms up to the shy kid she tormented and ropes him and a few other people she somewhat knows into forming a band because she loves listening to the songs of pop idol Koyuki Hinashi.  Turns out, though, that Yuu and Koyuki are childhood friends!  Can you say, “love triangle?”  I can, but why bother?

As you can tell, I don’t think too highly of Fuuka’s character.  Or some of the set-up.  Or Yuu’s character, for that matter.  But, I do likes me some shoujo-for-boys anime every now and then, and Fuuka fits that role okay.  I’m mainly sticking around for the music angle, though.  Well, that and one other thing.  There’s a twist I happened upon one day, and I’m curious to see how that plays out in the anime.  The show’s not that good, but I appreciate how kinda realistically it handles some of its outlandish situations (does that even make sense?).

6) Masamune-kun’s Revenge


Her legs are as long as her personality is trash.

When he was a wee little lad, Masamune Makabe was fat.  Like, “his parents probably couldn’t pick him up” fat.  This led to him being bullied all the time.  His only solace was in a strong-willed rich girl named Aki Adagaki.  She didn’t suffer bullies and took pity on/became friends with the little fatty.  Masamune one day confessed to his only friend, but she soundly rejected him and dubbed him “Pig’s  Foot.”  This set the boy on his path of vengeance and he became Pigman!… Okay, not really.  What it did do was hurt him so bad emotionally he moved in with his grandfather in the mountains and started dieting and training.  Now, Masamune has returned home as one handsome devil with only goal:  To make Aki Adagaki fall in love with him so he can brutally dump her as she did him many moons ago.  This…is Masamune-kun’s revenge.

So, I started watching Masamune-kun’s Revenge because I have watched entirely too many romcom and harem anime, and a lot of those anime live and die by their unique set-up.  This revenge plot was enough to get me interested.  Halfway in and I don’t think it’s done as much as it could have with its premise.  Like, I get homeboy’s determination, and I kinda want him to succeed.  On the other hand, the anime’s dropped enough hints for us to know he probably won’t go through with it and they’ll wind up together for realsies.  Still, though, I do enjoy the characters.  Whereas Fuuka’s insufferable qualities bring down her show, Aki’s are part of the joke.  Also, I think the best way to describe Masamune is a gold jerk with a heart of jerk with gold inside it.  It’s great to see him play off Aki, her manipulative maid Yoshino, the compulsive liar Neko, his mother, etc.  This is a fun show that could definitely do more with its premise, but the characters have me looking forward to it every week.

5) Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation


He’s gonna “Hime Hime” all the way to the finish line.

The third years are resigning from their clubs and getting ready for their lives outside of high school, but for all those who remain, there’s no time to rest.  Especially for Sohoku High.  Half of their Inter High-winning team is graduating, so they’re in more dire need of new recruits than most other schools.  Time to hop back in the saddle again as the new generation comes together.

(Heh.  I kinda like dropping the title in the description.)

Here comes Yowamushi Pedal with that young third season.  Now, I quite love this series.  It does everything a sports series needs to do, and it does it well.  So, I am very interested in seeing how the new team looks.  Kinda like what happened in Ace of Diamond.  I love the original line-up, but you can’t help but want to know if they’ll find the same success without their veteran members.  Plus, I gotta give props to how quickly the pace is so far.  Six episodes in and we’ve already gotten two decently big races…and a lot of feels.  Good on ya, Yowamushi Pedal.  Still interesting after all this time.

4) Interviews with Monster Girls


These girls’ hopes and dreams may be heavy, but he can carry them all wit dem arms.

The world is much more open-minded than it once was.  Nowadays, demi-humans are widely accepted around the world.  Still, though, not many people actually know one.  Biology teacher Tetsuo Takahashi is one such person.  He’s fascinated by demi-humans and wishes to learn as much as he possibly can about them.  He just can’t seem to meet one.  That is until he pays attention to his surroundings.  Turns out his school has three demi-human (well, they prefer “demi”) students and one teacher.  Tetsuo now has his chance to talk with a vampire, dullahan, yuki-onna, and succubus, and it looks like they want to understand his muscles as much as he wants to understand their demi ways.

(Thought about working the title into the description, but I’m past that joke.)

I love this show.  There’s just something about quirky slice of life shows that you watch on the weekends to wind down from a long week, and this new offering from the weird genre of monster girl anime is just what every anime fan needs.  I earlier gave some (extremely) slight praise to Fuuka for how down-to-earth some of its over-the-top plot points are handled.  Here, I’m giving Interviews with Monster Girls high praise for that exact thing.  How does a teenage vampire with an absurdly upbeat personality deal with her blood-cravings?  By drinking from government-issued blood bags and occasionally nibbling on her twin sister’s arm, of course.  Does a dullahan want to make jokes about her disembodied head?  Can a snow woman make friends even though she’s worried about freezing the people around her?  Yes!  It’s great seeing these odd situations being handled like somewhat normal teenage problems with advice from your resident bulky teacher.

And if you don’t feel for the plight of Sakie Satou, the succubus teacher, then you are the true monster.  (Also, Sakie is best girl.  Even if we’re just six episodes in.)

3) Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


What’ll anime think of next?

Kobayashi is an office worker with a penchant for drinking and an obsession with maids.  Imagine her surprise then, when she wakes up one morning after getting quite plastered to find a maid at her apartment.  Well, she actually finds a dragon who turns into a maid.  Her name is Tohru, and it looks like Kobayashi saved her while she was blackout drunk.  Kobayashi’s kindness and ranting about maids made Tohru fall in love with the office worker and convinced her to serve Kobayashi as her very own maid.  Kinda makes you wanna go out drinking more often, huh?

Two monster girl anime in one season and they’re both good?  What madness be this?  Yes, I like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid a smidgen more than Interviews.  Mainly because I feel like it does a little more with its premise than its fellow monster girl show.  Also, it’s good to have you back, KyoAni.  I was scared off thanks to Beyond the Boundary and Myriad Colors Phantom World.  But this proves to me you still have good within you.  And I gotta tell ya, when KyoAni is having fun, you can definitely tell.  This show is just dripping with charm.  The characters are so lovingly animated, and the scenes where the dragons display their powers are some of the finest feasts your eyes can have.  I have faith in KyoAni again.

2) KonoSuba 2


Question: Which one is the most competent?  Answer: No.

When last we saw our heroes, Kazuma Satou was being brought up on charges of blowing up the house of a local noble and allying with the forces of the Devil King.  Season two picks up with his party letting him take the fall and the town too scared to stand up for him.  It’s fine, though.  He shouldn’t have expected any different.  And hey, little things like possible treason, rogue Devil King generals, and rampaging lizard monsters aren’t enough to deter our woefully unqualified band of heroes.  They’re too dumb to realize when it’s time to quit.  Sometimes.

I guess I watched season one of KonoSuba before I started trying to write more on this blog.  Otherwise, I’m positive I would’ve written about this anime before because I love it.  I’ve seen a lot of comedy anime that make me smile when their jokes come around, but season one of KonoSuba consistently made me laugh hard.  And season two is no different.  Kazuma’s scumbag tendencies, Aqua’s inability to not screw everything up, Megumin’s steadfast refusal to learn different spells despite her potentially vast power, and Darkness’s determination to be punished at every turn rarely ever fail to make me laugh.  This show also has the best facial expressions out there, and don’t you dare let anyone else tell you otherwise.  Give it a watch.  You’re bound to laugh.

1) Descending Stories: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu


Let me tell you a story.

In season one we saw Yakumo Yurakutei tell his apprentice Yotaro and his adopted daughter Konatsu the story of his days as Kikuhiko with Konatsu’s parents Sukeroku and Miyokichi.  Season two jumps farther ahead with Yotaro moving up in the ranks of the rakugo world and Konatsu with a baby boy.  Yakumo is even older and more jaded, and he seems determined to have rakugo die with him.  Those closest to him refuse to let him have his wish, though, so the old man can’t be done just quite yet.

I meant to write about season one in a post about all the anime I’ve watched outside of Seasonal Sawce and the Summer of Anime, so I haven’t yet had a chance to gush about this anime.  Allow me to gush:  The first season is quite possibly the best anime of 2016.  Really only JJBA: Diamond Is UnbreakableRe:Zero, and Mob Psycho 100 give it a run for its money, and even though I love those three to pieces, I still might side with Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.  It’s not the best-looking or the best-animated, but I’ll be damned if you can find something with better characters or understanding of what art means to its audience.  I thought the first season was squandering its potential greatness by leaving the ex-con-turned-storyteller plot to tell the one about his master.  I was so wrong.  But now, with Descending Stories, we get to follow that ex-con.

I don’t know what all I want to say about the first six episodes of this second season.  I know that even though I look forward to this anime more than I do any other I’m watching it’s still hard to watch new episodes.  And that’s because this anime elicits so much emotion from me.  This show has been so good about getting the audience invested in these characters and what will happen to them next.  They’re so well-done I feel like I know them.  And really, that’s when anime–and rakugo–is at its finest.

Well, that’s all I’m writing for this Seasonal Sawce.  I do feel bad ‘cuz I don’t feel like I properly explained why Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu deserves every bit of praise it gets, but maybe I’ll revisit that down the line when I’m a better writer.  Hopefully, I’ll be writing some more things on this blog in the near future, but I feel like I always say that.   Ah well.  Seasonal Sawce will return in a month and some change when most of these shows wrap up.

Peace out, and stay bizarre.

Justice League Darkest Just Before Dawn of Justice


It only looks like it should be called “Batman and Friends.”

Fret not.  This has nothing to do with Dawn of Justice.  I just like the title.

There’s some mystical nastiness happening all over the world, and the regular capes and tights crew in the Justice League are ill-equipped to deal with such an event.  Batman shrugs it off saying that people aren’t committing atrocities because they see demons everywhere, they’re just crazy!  He washes his hands of all that hoo-doo until Deadman possesses him and writes “Constantine” all over his wall.  Now, the Caped Crusader has to seek out Zatanna, his only magical friend, so he can get in touch with John Constantine and get this magical nonsense over with.  Let’s hope he brought some extra “Hmms” in his utility belt, ‘cuz this is one adventure where the Dark Knight will constantly find himself out of his depth.

So, here we are with DC’s latest animated movie.  Last year was a bit better for them than the couple previous.  Return of the Caped Crusaders was a lot of fun, half of The Killing Joke was good, and I have yet to see Mechs vs. Mutants.  As for the New 52 movies which have consistently disappointed, I actually enjoyed both.  Yes, they had quite a few problems, but overall I like Bad Blood and Justice League vs. Teen Titans (jeez, if it ain’t a Batman movie, it’s a versus movie).  Does Justice League Dark continue that upward swing, or are we spiraling down into the likes of the DCEU?

Read on.

The Bad


Here’s Black Orchid describing the New 52.

There are some poorly done exposition spots in this movie.  Zatanna reciting Deadman’s origin to Batman while they’re looking for the House of Mystery felt a wee bit hamfisted and probably could’ve been done a little smoother.  Black Orchid’s descriptions of everyone when they finally get to the House was even worse.  Zatanna’s bit could’ve used a little tweaking, but Black Orchid’s was just jarring.  Like, “Whoa!  I guess we’re pausing the story so we can be told who these people are.”  I get it.  Exposition is necessary, and it’s not an easy thing to pull off so your audience doesn’t realize it’s happening until they’re done with the story.  I just wish they’d gone back to these two scenes.  Hell, even Jason Blood’s backstory about the Dream Stone and how he became bonded to Etrigan was pretty well done, but even that felt a little halting.

Also wish Black Orchid could’ve done more in the movie than just deliver exposition and housesit.  She looks pretty cool, but she never leaves the House.  I mean, yeah, I assume she doesn’t because here she’s a manifestation of the House of Mystery so it (she?) can walk around and be sorta human.  Still think she should’ve gone out in the field.

The art style of these movies still needs some work.  They’ve done wonders since the first few, but it’s a little off sometimes.  Kinda like the faces are too long in some shots.

Didn’t care all that much for Enrico Colantoni as Felix Faust.  It’s probably because I was introduced to the character in the amazing Justice League cartoon, so I expect Felix Faust to be menacing and entirely too sure of himself.  Colantoni didn’t bring that to the character at all.  The arrogance was there, but it felt baseless.

The Good


“Where’s the rest of the bad stuff, ol’ Sawcy ol’ pal?”  I’m sure you’re wondering.  Well…that was it.  I kinda love everything else about this movie.  I don’t even know where to begin with the praises.  Guess I’ll start with the voice cast.

Brilliant.  The members of the JLD are so ridiculously well-casted, I can hardly believe it.  Camilla Luddington brings a commanding presence and playfulness to Zatanna that caught me off guard.  She’s the new voice I’ll hear whenever I read Zatanna from now on.  Same with Ray Chase as Jason Blood and Etrigan.  Dude just nailed it.  Nicholas Turturro and Roger Cross as Deadman and Swamp Thing, respectively, were both super solid, too.  And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but let it be known I enjoyed Jason O’Mara as Batman.  I’m not saying he’s found his groove yet, but I do think he played the fish out of water Dark Knight Detective extremely well here.  Of course, Alfred Molina as big bad Destiny was fantastic.  What else do you expect from Alfred Molina?  However, the crown jewel here belongs to the magical con-man himself–John Constantine.

Matt Ryan is Constantine.  There’s no getting around that now.  He played the role to perfection in the painfully short-lived live-action series (bring it back!), and he just continues the greatness here.  I honestly don’t see anyone else portraying the character better.  Hell, he actually made me like Constantine.  I used to hate the guy.  Now?  I love the charismatic asshole.  This was essentially Constantine’s movie, and Matt Ryan doesn’t let anyone forget it whenever he speaks.

The voice acting isn’t all JLD has going for it.  Most aspects of the story hit home.  This movie is astonishingly funny.  I laughed a good bit all throughout, and it was always at the parts you should laugh at.  Nothing so stupid it’s funny here.  All legit laughs.  The action is also wonderful.  They’ve really learned how to do battles when it’s a team against one villain.  I was legitimately invested in the fights against Felix Faust and Destiny.  Really, really well done action scenes.  I don’t want to take away from the others, but those two just stand taller.

There’re also a couple moments that actually surprised me.  I won’t spoil them, but they genuinely got me.  I sincerely hope there’s a sequel so they can revisit these bits.

The Word


The heroes we deserve.

Y’all, I think I love this movie.  I know I tend to speak very highly of things when I should ruminate on them for a while, but I sat down and really thought about JLD before writing this post.  It just did everything better than the other New 52 movies.  The art style works here, the action scenes are superb, it’s actually funny, there are surprises to be had, the threats are real, and the voice cast is the best one one of these movies has had in years (not counting Killing Joke since that’s cheating).  This isn’t just the best New 52 movie; it’s a good movie in its own right.  The DC movies are off to a damn fine start this year.

Let’s hope they don’t screw it up.


Seasonal Sawce: Fall Back Into Anime, Part 2

Can you believe it?  I’m actually making another post.

This Seasonal Sawce is a bit later than the others have been (but not as late as another article I plan on writing!), and there’s no real reason for that.  Well, kinda.  I did something stupid and started watching even more anime that started airing in the fall season (March Comes in Like a Lion and All Out!!) because I wasn’t watching too many already!  Seriously, though, I’m cutting down next season.  Especially since the DC shows are coming back.

Anyhoo, as it has been every other time, I will now rank every anime that I watched that began and ended in the fall season from my least favorite to my most favorite.  I just want everyone to know that Diamond Is Unbreakable is probably my favorite anime from 2016.  Although it does have competition, but I might talk about that some other time.

Izetta:  The Last Witch


Izetta flew on a broom this time to sweep Fine off her feet.

Yeah, I hate to say it, but Izetta was consistently my least favorite anime for the fall season.  I know this is true because it is the only one I fell behind on and had to make myself finish.  I don’t know what happened.  Everything was there!  Cute redhead lesbian witch flying around on a rifle wooing a princess and winning WWII for the good guys!  Her powers always look cool, and her fights against the cloned OG White Witch are pretty good and brutal.  For some reason, though, nothing else stuck.

I honestly can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe the story wasn’t anywhere near as compelling as it should’ve been.  Maybe the side characters didn’t get enough to them.  Maybe the world was fantasized but still too real to be enjoyable fantasy.  It’s hard to say, but I’m giving this one a 6.  Because a 6 on MAL is “Fine”…get it?  The princess is Fine, and the anime is fine.  Get it?  But really, the anime is just okay.



Hey, he did the thing!

Steins;Gate is amazing.  It is one of my favorite anime.  It’s one of my top ten–maybe even top five.  Occultic;Nine is none of those.  Not even slightly.  Now, I don’t want to say Occultic is bad.  I did enjoy it every time I tuned in.  The more I learned about the main character, the more I liked him.  The mysteries were set up as big, and even though the answers were a little dumb sometimes, I was still happy to get what answers the show gave.  I just wish this show would’ve been longer.

I feel like Occultic would be viewed as an entirely different show if it had had two cours instead of one.  More time to breathe, more time to give all of the characters all of the time they deserve, and more time to build the mysteries surrounding the city.  Also would have meant more time for them to talk, which I can only dream would’ve meant everyone talked slower!  Lordamercy, these people were hard to follow.  Especially when their absurdly fast monologues and dialogues were revealing key plot points.  I enjoyed Occultic;Nine for the most part, but I’m only giving it a 6.5.  It’s too difficult to follow, the characters don’t get near enough to them to make them memorable, and answers to the various mysteries felt fairly underwhelming.

The OP is great, though.



Best character.

Drifters is a darn good prologue.

Okay, so I enjoyed this quite a bit.  The Drifters, the Octobrists, the Ends, and all the races caught in the middle of these factions drew me into this fantasy world.  I’m really eager to see where the story goes.  And that’s the biggest problem of Drifters for me.  It feels like the story hasn’t actually started yet.  The season ends with not all of the Drifters having met and the Ends rallying their troops to continue their conquest.  It’s an enjoyable prologue, but it’s still just a prologue.

I mentioned in the last Seasonal Sawce post that the art shifts from serious to comedic can get really jarring, and that stays true for the entire season.  I’m a fan of the art, and I also like when shows have different styles depending on the tone, but Drifters can get a bit ridiculous jumping from one to the other.  All that said, it feels like a solid 7.5 to me.  I love the characters, look, concept, and action, but the obvious feeling of prologue and never-ending style shifts left me a smidgen disappointed.

Girlish Number


Bada boom!  Realest guy in the room!  How you doin’?!

I enjoyed the heck out of Girlish Number.  I actually found myself cheering for Chitose and hoping she’d come to her senses (which she might have), and that surprised me.  Don’t get me wrong, Koto Katakura and Kazuha Shibasaki are still best characters, but I’m genuinely glad I wound up invested in Chitose’s arc.  She started off as a lazy, terrible person, and by the end she’s…a slightly less lazy, terrible person, but she learns!  Good for her!  The other seemingly main character Kuzu-P, the producer, can go straight to hell, though.

As much as I liked Chitose, it did kinda feel like the show shone brightest when the focus wasn’t on her.  The episode where Momoka and Kazuha go to Kazuha’s hometown was probably my favorite single episode, and I loved whenever Koto’s conversations with the other characters were shown.  In terms of problems, the show probably isn’t as funny as it wanted to be, and I do wish all of the main girls got as much development as Chitose.  I’ll still give it an 8.



Should we call him Die-suke?  Eh?  EH?

As much as I love the parent anime, I gotta give credit to WWW.Wagnaria!! for wrapping up its three romantic pairings in one season.  Should I be proud of that?  I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be, but regular Wagnaria!! took three seasons and a special to get its two couples to hook up.  So, kudos for doing that in one season!

I love the characters in this show.  All six of the individuals involved in the three romantic pairings, St. Valentine, the Japanese kid who doesn’t speak Japanese, the truant who always hangs out at the restaurant…I love these characters.  My favorites who were always there but didn’t get to do too terribly much are Kisaki Kondou and her daughter.  Yeah, they probably work best as supporting characters, but I kinda want an OVA focusing on them.

Not that many jokes made me laugh out loud and the breakneck pacing threw me for a loop every now and then, but the charm of the characters and the feeling of coming home leads me to give this a firm 8.

Flip Flappers


No, this is the other anime about a redhead lesbian that aired fall season.

Talk about movement on the board!  In my last post, Flip Flappers was almost at the very bottom of my list.  It was that low because it confused me and I didn’t really know what to make of it.  Now that I’ve watched all 13 episodes…it confuses me and I don’t really know what to make of it.  I’m positive there is meaning to all the weird worlds, beings, and various things that are seen and happen throughout the series, but without a re-watch and a lot of thinking, I haven’t the foggiest what most of it represents.  By golly, the show is pretty, though!

I don’t think Flip Flappers handled all of its characters or answered all of its questions well, but the ones they did handle and answer well were handled and answered extremely well (that was fun to type).  It almost seemed like every episode ended with me channeling Papika and going, “Cocona!”  The girl goes through so much, and when you find out everything that led to where she is, you kinda understand why.  I also tended to mark out whenever Yayaka showed up, and I was surprised by how invested I became in the sullen Salt.

This show was a legit surprise.  I may not have fully understood everything that happened, but I genuinely loved the look and feel of the worlds and characters, the story knew how to keep me interested, and the ED is fantastic.  Giving it an 8.5.



Best timeline.

Anime is saved.

So, Keijo isn’t necessarily better than Flip Flappers, but every week I watched this first.  I watched this first because I just had to see what more they would do–what more they could do.  Yes, the opening episodes can drag a smidgen, but the way this show revels in its premise kept me watching, and I’m glad I did.  In terms of martial arts and sports anime tropes, Keijo doesn’t veer much from the norm.  You got your determined protagonist, allies, rivals, teachers, betters, etc.  Keijo‘s strength is in how it embraces these character types and molds them to fit its absurd world.

People, there’s a part where a girl uses her nipple to judo flip another girl in order to win her match.  There’s one girl who can access the powers of any butt she’s previously touched.  There’s another who channels her ki/chi/qi into her breasts and buttocks, and that’s her own form of kung fu.  This is just some of the outlandish stuff that’s played completely straight throughout this first season.  And I sincerely hope we are in store for more seasons.

Keijo may not have done all it could to capitalize on its premise, but it still did quite a lot and I’m positive future seasons will correct that.  Despite being mostly standard archetypes, I still found the characters pretty likable.  Gotta love those techniques, too.  Keijo gets an 8.5 from me.

Yuri!!! On Ice


They were born to make history.

Times sure have changed, haven’t they?  I’m gonna let you kids in on a little secret:  I didn’t know this show went full gay.  Yeah.  I actually thought the show was still teasing the audience with the possibility of Yuri and Victor entering into a relationship.  It wasn’t until they bought the rings that I went, “Ohhhhhhh,” and that was followed by, “I’m so happy for them.”  I think it’s a testament to the world and all of us today that a figure skating show about two men falling in love is one of the most well received anime of 2016.  And the best thing about it?  It’s not just a gimmick.  The show is legitimately good.

Yes, the routines did fall off a bit near the end, and I was kinda underwhelmed by the ending.  All of the characters are great, though, and it was a treat seeing them express themselves in their various routines.  I was also pretty invested in their individual stories–as it should be with any sports series worth its salt.  The show has some great comedic moments, a beautiful soundtrack, and the art fits the series incredibly well.

I’m giving Yuri!!! On Ice a 9.  Only one other anime that started last season had me looking forward to it more every week.

Haikyuu!! Third Season


Shiratorizawa ain’t nuthing ta f*ck wit.

It gets a 10.  Yeah, spoiler alert or whatever.  I’m giving it a 10.  I lost my sh*t multiple times every episode.  I just…I love it so much.

I honestly don’t know what to say about Haikyuu!! Third Season.  The match surpassed my expectations in every way, and that’s saying a lot since the buildup was fantastic.  The art, animation, action, characters, comedy, and every other aspect was done impeccably.  It might be unfair for me to put this above the other shows since it’s the third season of a show I love, but hey, it’s my blog.  I make the rules!

That’ll do it for this Seasonal Sawce.  Fall 2016 might be one of my favorite seasons for anime in quite sometime.  I really liked and loved most of I watched, and I’m really enjoying the three I started that are still airing.

All in all, I think 2016 was a pretty awesome year for anime.  Had a few that could possibly go down as classics, and we may even have some game-changers on our hands.  I’m honestly pretty stoked for what 2017 could bring us.  I don’t plan on watching anywhere near as many as I did in 2016 (I always say that, don’t I?), but this will hopefully be a damn good year for anime.

As long as we get Vento Aureo.  We don’t get that, 2017 sucks.

Peace out, and stay bizarre.

Seasonal Sawce: Fall Back Into Anime 2016, Part 1

I’m back!

Yeah, no real reason why it’s been so long since I’ve written something for this blog.  Just…laziness.  And that laziness is what’s led me to return by falling into a familiar post–Seasonal Sawce!

I do intend to branch out more (still working on that reading list, gotten some comics I’d like to write about, watched some neato shows, etc.), but we’re sticking with anime this time.  As with previous Seasonal Sawces, I will talk about the various anime I’m watching that started this season now that they’re all at least six episodes in (so still no Diamond is Unbreakable or Days) in order of the ones I’m the least hype for every week to the ones I’m most hype for every week.

This is a bit of an odd duck season since I think I love almost everything I’m watching.  That’s a bit of a rarity for me.  Well, let’s get on with it!

10) Izetta: The Last Witch


That is her broom stick!… I’ve made this joke before, haven’t I?

In a world not quite like ours, not quite Germany is running rampant in not quite World War 2.  The powerful Germania has so far left wee little neighboring principality Eylstadt alone, but the people and its rulers are all too aware of how vulnerable they are.  Thus, the tomboy Princess Ortfine has gone to seek help from the remaining European countries that still oppose Germania.  The not Nazis are aware of her plans, though, and wind up capturing her.  In a desperate attempt to escape, Fine accidentally frees a red-haired girl the Germanians were transporting to their homeland.  Luckily for the princess, this redhead is Izetta–Fine’s childhood friend and possibly the last witch alive.  Riding an anti-tank rifle in place of a broom, Izetta flies to Eylstadt’s aid in hope of turning the tide of the war and saving the world…or at least Europe.

Even though this is in the tenth spot, don’t be fooled.  Izetta: The Last Witch is a pretty fun watch.  Izetta herself is the highlight of the show.  Growing up being forced to hide her powers has allowed her to become a humble and fairly crafty individual.  See, she can only use her magic in certain places, so in the instances when she’s running low she has to improvise.  Also, her powers look really damn good in this show.  Like, there’s one scene where she’s flying through a battlefield with three tanks hovering around her.  Aside from Izetta, though, there’s not much great here.  I like Fine, and who doesn’t love the teasing between the two female leads?  (One of two such shows I’m watching this season…not for that reason, though.)  The downtime moments are fine, but the fighting is where this anime shines for me.

9) Flip Flappers


No, I don’t know why it has that name.

Cocona is in her second year of middle school, and her quiet life with her grandmother suits her just fine.  Then Papika shows up, and Cocona’s quiet life gets quite loud.  Somehow, when the two are together they can open a door to “Pure Illusion”–a different dimension or world that seems to have different realms with different rules.  Papika is able to convince Cocona to stick with her and find the magical “Shard of Mimi” that can allegedly grant any wish.  Cocona eventually agrees since it is just a little fun, but there’s an opposing faction also searching for the Shard, which means Pure Illusion might be a little more dangerous than the girls thought.

I’mma be real here–I’m not entirely sure what’s supposed to be happening in this show.  Like, the organization Papika works for is called FlipFlap, and the employees don’t really seem to know what they’re doing, but they also seem to know a lot more than they’re letting on.  Oh, I think “FlipFlap” is also the word Cocona and Papika use to transform into magical girls in Pure Illusion to collect the shards of the Shard…or maybe they’re all Shards of Mimi.  And Cocona has this weird pet rabbit-thing that’s shaped like a sack and named Uexkull.  She also has this weird recurring dream about being in a boat with what might be a faceless girl.  I just…I don’t know what’s going on most of the time in this show.  Why do I like it more than Izetta?  Probably because it is so weird.  There is something about Flip Flappers, but I can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe it’s all the bright colors and art style.  Maybe it’s the random weirdness found in different areas of Pure Illusion.  I don’t know, but I am really enjoying it.

8) Occultic;Nine


The semi-colon means it’s good!

Kirikiri Basara is a blog dedicated to aggregating news of and discussing the occult.  It’s run by 17-year-old NEET Yuuta Gamon who is joined by his absurdly well-endowed friend Ryoka Narusawa.  He hopes to make enough money with clickthroughs on his page so that he can continue his NEET-y ways even though he doesn’t believe in the occult.  Unfortunately, thanks to his website, Yuuta’s life gets entwined with a number of offbeat individuals such as the first-year fortune teller Miyuu Aikawa, possible black magic user Aria Kurenaino, super-realist college student Sarai Hashigami, and future-seeing doujin creator Ririka Nishizono.  A few others wind up getting involved in the strange goings-on of the city as a professor getting murdered could somehow be connected to 256 bodies being found in a lake.  To quote the great Barbossa, “You best start believing in ghost stories…you’re in one!”

I’m drawn to mysteries.  Can’t really help it.  Also, this is from the creator of Steins;Gate, one of my favorite anime, so I had to check it out.  Occultic;Nine is…not easy to follow.  I think there are somewhere around nine or ten characters that are introduced and followed around a bit just in the first episode.  Yuuta and Ryoka also talk entirely too fast when they’re on screen together.  I mean, I’m a fan of the Monogatari franchise, but even I can’t understand what’s being said between those two most of the time.  Also, Ryoka seems to have an actual ray-gun.  Don’t know if that’s relevant or a quirk.  Despite those complaints, I eagerly await every episode (especially after the last episode).  I love the way it looks, it has a great OP, and the mystery of just what the hell is going on has got me in there.  Hopefully the semi-colon won’t lead me astray.

7)  Drifters


I would’ve called it “Tokyo Drifters,” but that’s just me.

At the Battle of Sekighara, Shimazu Toyohisa died.  Or so we’ve always thought.  In actuality, before he dies, Toyohisa finds himself in a brightly lit corridor full of doors.  In front of him is a bespectacled gentleman by the name of Murasaki sitting at a desk.  Before Toyhisa can find out what’s happening, he’s sucked into one of the doors which deposits him in a world inhabited by elves, dwarves, hobbits, and other such fantasy creatures.  He’s soon cared for by Oda Nobunaga and Nasu no Yoichi–two other displaced figures from Japanese history.  The three don’t know it yet, but they are “Drifters,”  and it is the hope of the Octobrist Organization–a group of native magicians–that the Drifters can defeat the deadly “Ends”–another gathering of historical figures from our world possibly led by Jesus–and their monster army.  The Octobrists didn’t quite count on the fact that the Drifters themselves might be just as hungry for conquest as their nefarious counterparts.

As shameful as it is for me to say, I’ve not yet watched Hellsing, so I didn’t go in with that behind me (same creator and all that).  Pleased to say, though, that I still like Drifters a helluva lot.  Toyohisa is the right mix hotheaded, blood-thirsty, and noble, and the crafty Nobunaga and mischievous Yoichi give the trio a great balance.  I love the idea, too, with historically not too good people as the heroes (the Drifters include Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and the villains being generally heroic or sympathetic figures such as Joan of Arc and Anastasia (also, you know…they might be led by Jesus).  There are exceptions to both sides, but it’s still neat to see this take on these people and their lives after their supposed deaths.  The anime is this low on my list because the plot doesn’t capture me as much as I want it to, and the seemingly endless shifts from the serious art-style to the comedic one may induce whiplash in certain viewers.  Don’t know if Hellsing has the latter problem, but I hope it won’t stick around too long here.

6) Girlish Number


I guess the number is five.

College student Chitose Karasuma is confused as to why she isn’t a big deal yet.  Like, she’s already been in the anime voice-acting world for a whole year.  She should be famous by now.  For some reason, though, she’s still only landing bit-parts.  She blames her older brother Gojo’s managing, but in reality, she should thank him for the minor roles she’s been getting.  See, Chitose isn’t actually talented…at all.  She’s just cute.  And devilishly lucky.  This luck is what winds up allowing her to land the lead in an upcoming anime also starring a couple of her rookie friends and two veteran actresses she’s acquainted with.  The vets realize what’s going on with the shoddy production, but Chitose is finally the star she should have always been, so she’s making the most of it…kind of.

I was going to pass on this one, but I found out the creator of this story is none other than Wataru Watari–the man who’s responsible for Oregairu, a series I love to pieces.  And once again, the man’s characters have gotten me.  These girls are not exactly good people (except for best girl Koto Katakura) and neither are the people around them.  From the men in charge who decide to cast good-looking rookies in a bid to bank on the light novel and idol crowds all the way down to the grunts working on it–these people know they’re in an industry they can either manipulate or can’t change and just do whatever they can to thrive within the system.  It’s similar to Hachiman’s approach to high school life in Oregairu, but it seems to be a bit more genuine in Girlish Number.  I dunno.  You can almost feel the real frustration behind every joke of the producer hand-waving whenever a problem arises, and there are always problems.  It’s a funny series with an enjoyable cast of somewhat awful people who have resigned themselves to their fates…except for Koto Katakura.  She’s an angel.

5) Tiger Mask W



Forty years ago the diabolical wrestling organization Tiger’s Den was dismantled by one of their own–the legendary Tiger Mask.  Flash-forward to present day and Tiger’s Den has returned and is secretly in charge of Global Wrestling Monopoly.  The GWM is well-known for taking out other wrestling companies, but their actions will no longer go un-checked!  Unbeknownst to them, the son of one of their victims, Takama Fuji, has infiltrated their ranks and taken over the mantle of Tiger the Dark.  They hope he will be the leader of the next generation of Tiger’s Den wrestlers, but his true aim is to take them down from the inside.  It is his friend Tiger’s Den and GWM must truly fear, though.  For the young Naoto Azuma has also vowed to defeat them and went through hellish training of his own, but he has chosen a different mask to wear in his battles.  Now, almost 40 years later, Tiger Mask has returned to the ring!

Haven’t written about it in a while, but I love wrestling.  Everything about it is just engrossing.  The history, characters, stories, matches, promos…I love it, Maggle!  So, an anime that treats pro wrestling as 100% legit is always something I’ll check out.  I’ll admit, objectively speaking, Tiger Mask W ain’t that good.  At all.  It oozes cheapness, and the plot is often as basic as you could expect.  But, hot damn, I love this anime.  If it didn’t have the legacy character conceit (might be using that term right), then I might not be that interested.  Legacy characters are great, though.  I love them in comics, I love them in wrestling, so, of course, I love them in anime.  Every week I’m so excited to see where the Tigers’ respective paths will take them.  Also, as serious as everything is treated in this world, it is great that Tiger Mask’s agent (and love interest) has a subplot of realizing she needs to make Tiger Mask merch to sell at New Japan shows.  This show just scratches an itch I didn’t know I had.

4) WWW.Wagnaria!!


Time for a slice of life pie.

First-year high-schooler Daisuke Higashida’s father’s business went bankrupt, so now he’s looking for a part-time job to pay for his personal expenses.  This is what leads him to the local Wagnaria restaurant.  Even though he’d rather not work and focus on his studies instead, Daisuke is hired and enters the world of quirky co-workers and equally as strange customers.  Even when dealing with a girl who can see ghosts but doesn’t believe in them or a woefully in-debt male host, Daisuke thinks he can make it.  It isn’t until the chief waitress Hana Miyakoshi has him try her chocolate, which is so bad it sends him close enough to death to meet Saint Valentine in Heaven, that Daisuke realizes just what he’s gotten himself into.

I love the three seasons of the Wagnaria!! anime.  It might be my favorite slice of life romcom (that’s off the top of my head, so don’t quote me on it).  The cast and the restaurant just felt like home to me, so I was obviously eager to check out this spin-off (I know the manga came first, but hey, it was second getting an anime).  I’m glad to say I haven’t been disappointed.  The characters all feel pretty different from the main cast, and time moves much more swiftly, so the restaurant doesn’t even feel the same.  There aren’t many jokes that make me laugh out loud, but I am often smiling throughout entire episodes.  Would I watch WWW.Wagnaria!! if I wasn’t such a fan of the original?  I’m confident in saying yes.

3) Keijo!!!!!!!!


Where ya booty game must be strong.

Keijo is a new form of gambling that was created at the dawn of the 21st century.  It is a women-only sport where swimsuit-clad competitors try to knock their opponents off of a floating platform known as a “Land,” but the athletes are only allowed to use their breasts or buttocks to do so.  Nozomi Kaminashi is a gifted gymnast who passes on her dream of competing in the Olympics in order to go pro in Keijo where the money is much better so she can get her family out of poverty.  Joining her at Keijo school is her best friend and judo prodigy Sayaka Miyata as well as their new roommates Kazane Aoba and Non Toyoguchi.  Together, the four aim to move up to the Elite Class and eventually become Prize Queens in the world of professional Keijo.

So…this anime is actually better than it has any right to be.  Did I decide to watch this because I knew the premise would lead to copious amounts of fan-service?  Yes.  Yes, I did.  But, I am so glad there’s more heart to the show than that.  At least, I think there is.  This is very much a sports/fighting anime that just so happens to star hot girls in swimsuits.  It knows what it is and revels in it.  Sure, there are corners cut here and there, and the downtime in between matches can get a bit too…down?  But, the characters, their abilities, and the fights!  Lordamercy, the fights!  They’re so good!  This anime is as ridiculous and over-the-top as some of the finest sports and martial arts series out there, and I am beyond thankful for it.  I mean, I was genuinely invested the matches where the four heroines took on Elite Class students.  I know I didn’t see that coming.  I hear the manga is even better, so I hope that finds its way to American shores, too.  Also, one of the characters uses the move “Shoryucans.”  How can you not love that?

2) Yuri!!! On Ice


More like “Yaoi!!! On Ice,” am I right?

At 23 years of age, Yuri Katsuki is Japan’s top figure skater.  Or at least he was.  A year ago, Yuri suffered a defeat at his first Grand Prix Final.  His penchant for easily succumbing to pressure leads to this being the first of many such losses as he enters depression and contemplates retiring from figure skating.  Finally returning to his home after five years, Yuri goes to the local ice rink–where he trained nonstop as a child–to visit his childhood friend Yuko.  There, out of competition, Yuri flawlessly performs for her one of his idol Victor Nikiforov’s complex winning routines.  What he didn’t know is that Yuko’s three girls filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to the internet.  This catches the eye of Victor who is also contemplating retirement due to age and losing inspiration since he’s been on top for so long.  Thus, Yuri comes home to his family’s hot spring hotel one day to find Victor buck naked in one of said hot springs where he proudly proclaims he will be Yuri’s coach!

Boy, I never would’ve thought I’d love a figure skating anime this much.  Then again, anime is good about that.  Sports anime just hit that sweet spot with me.  But, Yuri!!! On Ice isn’t your run-of-the-mill sports show.  Yes, it has the great lead characters, great rivals, and great routines, but everything here is done better than most sports anime.  Yuri’s anxiety and Victor’s brush with depression coupled with a burning desire to win once they meet is powerful.  The routines themselves are also beautiful.  My jaw has been open on more than one occasion watching these.  The comedy almost always hits, and the heart in this anime is full-throttle when it needs to be.  I can’t wait to see how this series unfolds.  A well-done sports anime gets you on the edge of your seat for the big matches, and this one is no exception.

Which brings me to….

1) Haikyuu!! Third Season


I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life…or at least a couple years.

Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa in the finals of the Inter-High.  Tobe!

Is this a cheat because it’s the third season of a series I love?  No!  Because it’s my blog, and I make the rules!  Anyway, yeah, words cannot properly describe my hype every week for this show.  It’s only ten episodes, but it’s the whole match.  The match I thought I’d never look forward to or see when I first started this show.  But, the beginning of the second season set the stage so well for this match.  It’s the finals!  It’s been established over and over that Shiratorizawa’s ace Ushijima is damn near unstoppable, and the OP drives home that fact as the mountain Karasuno faces turns into a giant eagle and then Ushijima.  But, sticking with the OP, at no point is Karasuno discouraged.  Their spirit is indomitable, and together, the crows plan the mob the top school and take the mountaintop for themselves.  And it’s not just the match itself.  There have been so many moments this season already that are among some of my favorite for the whole series.  It’s just…it’s amazing.  The characters, the animation, the hype.  Definitely my favorite of the season.

And there you have it!  Yes, I am most certainly aware my top five is dominated by sports shows, but hey, you love what you love.  There are a few others airing this season I’ll probably check out sometime down the road.  That’s a problem for future Sawcy (boy, that guy must hate me).

Peace out, and stay bizarre.