Digi-Ramblings on Digimon Adventure tri. 3 – Confession

The latest installment in the Digimon Adventure tri. movie series dropped a few days ago, so it’s time to talk about part four, Loss!  Wait, what was that?  I never wrote something for the third one?  Really?  I coulda sworn….

Okay!  Before I get into the fourth movie, I should probably say what I meant to say months ago about Confession.  Slip into a nice pair of goggles, y’all.  It’s time to ramble about some Digimon.


That orange thing’s name is Meicrackmon.  Really.

Confession starts on a bit of a down note for our DigiDestined.  Their newest friend Meiko has lost her Digimon to the infection, their old pal Leomon is dead for realsies, and they seem to have only just now realized the 02 team is missing.  I guess seeing Ken in all of his Digimon Emperor glory made them go, “Oh yeah.  We did know some other kids.  Where did they go?”  TK and Kari are naturally the two who follow up on this and go to Ken’s apartment.  No one answers.  The seriousness of the Ichijouji family missing was a little lost on me ‘cuz Kari takes a moment to notice how broad TK’s shoulders are now.  All I want is for those two to get together and undo the evil of the 02 epilogue.  That’s it.

Anyway, seeing as this is Izzy and TK’s movie, the two of them are the ones who face the greatest moral crises this time around.  I can’t believe it took me three movies to realize the problems each of the highlighted DigiDestined face are related to their Crests.  Tai seemingly loses his courage to fight, Matt’s friendship with Tai and the others is tested (again), Mimi’s sincerity gets her in trouble with her classmates and friends, and Joe is no longer a reliable member of the group.  All four seemingly overcome their hurdles in their respective movies, so how are Izzy and TK challenged here?


Izzy is stumped by whatever it is that’s infecting the Digimon.  He doesn’t know what it is so he can’t understand it and he can’t fight it.  Seeing just one of their own Digimon succumb and kill an ally is enough for him to lock himself up in his office and work non-stop in order to combat the virus.  This obsession leads him to snap at his friends at the beginning and drive a bit of a wedge between them.  Thankfully, these kids have been through enough together to understand Izzy’s just driven and not really mad at any of them.  His lack of knowledge keeps all of their Digimon locked up in his server separate from everything else so they can stay free of the infection.  Thus, his Crest is challenged.

With TK bearing the Crest of Hope, his is a bit more…tragic than Izzy’s fight.  At one point, the now reliable again Joe visits Izzy and forces him to sleep.  TK also visits, and it’s then the other Digimon decided to get out because Patamon wanted to hang out with TK.  While TK’s holding his partner Digimon, Patamon is momentarily overtaken by the infection and bites him.  TK then ignores the rules and takes Patamon home with him.  Partly to try and get the infection away from the other Digimon and partly so the others wouldn’t know and try to put down Patamon.  Patamon ain’t no fool, though, and understands what’s happening.  He realizes he doesn’t have much time and delivers one of the more heartbreaking lines in Digimon.  So yeah, the DigiDestined of Hope begins to lose hope.


During one of the Digimons’ momentary escapes from Izzy’s room, Patamon reveals to his brethren and sistren he’s infected.  Kari then shows up possessed by Homeostasis–yes, that Homeostasis–and tells them a great sacrifice must be made to save both the Digital and Human Worlds unless Meicoomon is stopped.  Himekawa arrives to catch Kari as she is de-possessed (un-possessed?) and informs the Digimon that Homeostasis might trigger a Reboot the next time Meicoomon crosses into the Human World.  Gatomon explains to the others this will erase all their memories with the DigiDestined, so they all decide to spend quality time with their partners.  Gabumon gets Matt to play the harmonica for him, Palmon listens to Mimi gossip, Agumon tries to get Tai to play soccer with him, Gomamon teases Joe about his alleged girlfriend, TK and Patamon just chill together, Tentomon looks after Izzy as he continues his research, and Gatomon gets Kari to take her out shopping.


No, you’re the one who’s crying as they take pictures together.

Agumon accidentally spills the Reboot beans, and Tentomon intentionally spills them.  Luckily for our heroes, this allows Izzy to figure out what’s up with the infection and he comes up with a plan to counter it.  It’s a good thing, too, because Meicoomon reappears, forcing the DigiDestined to fight one of their own.  In order to combat their combined might, Meicoomon Digivolves to Meicrackmon and starts whooping quite a bit of Digi-ass.  Patamon finally Digivolves to Angemon and joins the fray, and they manage to push Meicrackmon back into the distortion.  Things go south, though, as Angemon is completely taken over by his infection and attacks his friends–allowing the infection to spread to most of them as well.

Izzy arrives just in time to see how badly everything is going and for the Reboot countdown to begin.  He was able to create a backup field in which to place the infected Digimon so they could be restored when the Reboot occurs.  Tentomon goes into his Digivolutions and joins MetalGreymon in trying to force his friends into the backup field, but they are not having it.  The infection finally claims MetalGreymon, and it’s this mega struggle (get it?!) that causes Tentomon to finally reach his Mega form–HerculesKabuterimon!

Though powerful his new form is, HerculesKabuterimon can’t quite push his infected comrades back into the distortion–let alone the backup field.  In yet another heart-wrenching moment, he talks them out of their infection for just a moment, so that their partners’ last memories of them won’t be as monsters but as their friends.  Together, they share one final hug and dive into the distortion with Meicrackmon just in time to get Rebooted.


Seriously, I’m not crying at all.

For a week, the DigiDestined try to move past everything that’s happened to them, but they just can’t.  They all start hearing a whistling noise and see images of their partner Digimon.  Eventually, they all run into each other at the site of the Reboot and collectively decide they’re going to the Digital World.  Himekawa supports their decision, but Daigo doesn’t want these kids to put themselves in danger yet again.  TK tries to talk Meiko into going with them, but she won’t and believes she doesn’t deserve to since Meicoomon had been infected since they met years ago.  So, yeah.  Meiko knew that Meicoomon was the source of the infection but never said anything.  TK seems more forgiving of this since he, too, hid Patamon’s infection from his friends but they didn’t hold it against him ever after their Digimon essentially died.

Using the power of their Crests and Ken’s D3 Digivice which Himekawa brought (sneaky little trick), the eight OG DigiDestined travel to the Digital World once more.  Meiko arrives too late to join them and drops to the ground–realizing she may have just lost her only chance to see Meicoomon again.  The DigiDestined are meanwhile enjoying their nostalgia trip in the freshly minted Rebooted Digital World.  Everything seems the same, but then they get thrown for a loop as they see two Mega-Level Digimon duking it out–Alphamon and Jesmon.  Confused as to how Megas can even exist in this Digital World yet, they are drawn to their partner Digimon by the sound of a whistle.  As expected, the humans aren’t recognized by their dearest friends at all, but the kids decide they’ll just start over from scratch and befriend the Digimon again.

It wouldn’t be a tri. movie without a bit of a cliffhanger ending, though, as we then see Himekawa meet up with the Digimon Emperor in the Digital World.  The Digimon Emperor then shows his true form as Gennai, and Meicoomon is somewhere in the Digital woods wondering where Meiko is.


I’ll take a doughnut…and eat it!

Well now!  I know I wrote quite a bit, but Confession is actually the least action-packed of the movies so far despite being the longest.  The first time I watched it back when it originally popped up on Crunchyroll, I didn’t care much for it.  Thought it was too slow and that nothing happened.  Watched it a second time before I got to Loss, though, and it might be my favorite.  There’s just so much heart in this movie.  We’ve seen countless fights throughout all of Digimon, but this time it’s like the creators wanted to do emotional battles instead of physical ones.  And I have to say, it worked.

The Digimon not only understanding the sacrifice they’re going to have to make, but the fact they also decide to not tell any of their partners and instead just spend time with them was a real punch to the heart.  Jeez, these Digimon and their kids.  Glad to see Izzy and Tentomon step up in the final fight.  Was surprised we didn’t see Seraphimon, though.  With this also being TK’s movie, I genuinely expected to see Patamon go Mega.  One of my few complaints about Confession.

Another complaint is that TK went to see Meiko and told her about Patamon’s infection before he told anyone else.  Sure, you could argue that Meiko is the obvious one for him to confide in since her Digimon was also infected, but it felt a little forced to me.  I dunno.  I guess his options were limited since Matt probably would’ve told everybody and Kari probably would’ve told Tai, but I still think he could’ve gone to Sora or even Izzy.  Maybe.

Dat ending, though.  I wanted Himekawa to be on the side of the Angemon, but it looks like she really is running with the Devimon.  It’s pretty clear she wanted this Reboot to happen, but we don’t know why at this point (we do find out in Loss).  I still don’t think she’s a full villain.  Or maybe I just don’t want her to be.  Seeing her hanging out with this new evil Gennai disguised as the Digimon Emperor makes her seem pretty evil, though.  Speaking of which–Gennai’s evil now!  Holy poop!  How?  Why?  Ugh.  I can’t take it anymore.


And in our new segment “Royal Knight Watch,” Jesmon and Alphamon are seen fighting each other.  This has got to mean the Royal Knights are Adventure canon now.  There’s no other explanation.  Why were they fighting each other, though?  And why were they not Rebooted?  More questions that will hopefully be answered soon.  Along with the oldest of tri.:  What happened to the 02 team?  Seriously.  Himekawa had Ken’s Digivice.  What happened?

This certainly isn’t the prettiest post I’ve ever made on this blog, but I doubt it’s the ugliest either.  Keep an eye out for my post on the fourth movie Loss.  I got quite a bit I want to talk about in that one.


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