Seasonal Sawce: Spring into Summer of Anime 2016, Part 2-ish

If you’re confused by that title, then you should be.  I’m combining part two of “Spring into Anime” with the “Summer of Anime” series since in the past I’ve always counted anime I’ve added to the completed list on my MAL.  So, I figured I’d just throw ’em together!

Now then, I’m only covering the four I actually finished from this season that I also watched week-to-week.  That means no JoJo’sRe:Zero, or Twin Star Exorcists (even though I erroneously stated in the last post that Exorcists would end at 12 episodes (shame on me, I suppose)) this time around.  Don’t quite know what I’ll do with those once they end.  But, that’s a problem for future Sawcy.  Also, I’m once again listing these in order of least favorite to most favorite.  Now then, let’s go ahead and get into this weird Frankenstein-ish anime post!


9) Hundred

The trashy trash that trashes…trashy.

I’m not gonna say I had expectations or hopes for this one.  You watch the first episode, and you pretty much know what you’re in for.  I thought there would be some more interesting ideas presented in the second half, and there kinda were.  For the most part, though, Hundred was exactly what I thought it’d be.  If you’ve seen one battle-magic-school-harem anime, you’ve seen this one.  Have we had a series that does to that genre what EvangelionPuella Magi, and Re:Zero did to theirs?  If not, it’s high time we got one.

Hundred was a dumb bit of fun for a while, but it made a move at the end that really irked me.  The main villain of this first season–whom they’d been building up for a while–wound up not being anywhere near as awesome as she should’ve been.  Vitaly created her own Slayers and her own Savages and almost destroyed the base of the main protagonists.  Why?  Because the older brother of one of the main heroines dumped her years ago.  That’s it.  It wasn’t even a joke.  They played it dead serious.  Talk about really burying a character there.  Oh, spoilers for all that, I guess, but does it really matter?

Since I did get some mild amusement out of its dumbness, I’ll give it a weak 5.  Pretty run-of-the-mill stuff here.

Asterisk War 2nd Season

7) Asterisk War 2nd Season

I hope they’re ready to defend themselves against Yogi Bear.

The second half of Asterisk War 2nd Season is a wee bit of an odd duck.  See, the Phoenix Festa does finally come to a pretty satisfying end, but the anime itself doesn’t.  The last few episodes take place in Julis’s home country where we find out some more stuff about her and get a few hints for future arcs, but it felt really tacked on.  They probably should’ve ended this season with the Phoneix Festa and either released that last arc as an OVA or the beginning of season three.  It just didn’t mesh with the rest of the season.

Overall, I think I did like this one more than season one.  And yes, that probably has everything to do with most of it being the last few fights of the tournament.  They’re a vice–it happens.  Also, I continue to appreciate how Ayato and Julis feel like legitimate partners.  Even though it’s clear Ayato is the more powerful of the two, Julis never comes off as his back-up.  They are a team, and it’s evident neither could have accomplished what they did in the tournament without the other.  It’s a solid way to build an anime romance.

I’ll slap a 7 on this one.  Probably would’ve been higher had those last episodes not been there.  I’m also pumped for season three since it’ll be a five-man team tournament!  Maybe it’ll be as awesome as the Dark Tournament!  (It won’t.  It really, really won’t.  I daresay it’s impossible, but I like making jokes.)


11) Kiznaiver

That’s the show.

One of the things I love about Trigger is that their twists–even though some of the big ones are pretty easy to call–are done really well.  You can see some of the big reveals and heartrending moments coming in Kiznaiver, but they all hit like they should.  I really felt for these high-schoolers bound to each other against their wills, but I also wanted them to become actual friends in spite of it all.  And I guess that’s really the point of Kiznaiver:  It’s an anime built entirely around the trope of the power of friendship.  There are so many anime where the power of friendship is what drives the protagonists to heights they never dreamed of reaching so they can pull off the impossible, and that’s exactly what this is about on a much smaller scale.

That’s why I love the latter part of this series so much.  Everything had been set up, so the anime got to explore what it wanted to.  It’s still a little too vague and unsure about exactly what it wants to say and/or do about that, but it was still pretty entertaining.  I also grew to like a lot of the characters I thought I would hate.  The purposefully oddball Nico wound up being one of my favorites because of how much she matured and genuinely cared for everyone, and Tsuguhito became a decent source of comedy when he finally let the pretty boy jerk-ass facade fade away.  I also found myself invested in Katsuhira more than I initially expected.  His desire to regain his feelings so he could be happy and hurt alongside the people important to him was pretty heavy for someone like me who often finds it difficult to sympathize with others.

Kiznaiver gets either a 7.5 or 8 for me.  The first half was pretty eh, and it feels like the anime never goes all in with its ideas.  The second half along with a handful of characters and a great look really elevate the series, though.

My Hero Academia

12) My Hero Academia

You can become a hero.

Hmm.  What do I say about My Hero Academia?  Other than, “More please,” that is.  I love this show.  Yeah, the first season is pretty slow at points, but it feels like that was more to its benefit than its detriment.  This whole series is about Izuku’s rise to eventually becoming the greatest hero, so it’s only right that it takes its time.  This is very much one of those where I’m glad it’s gone the Baby Steps route.  His power is new to him, his body isn’t used to it, and he’s just now really entering the realm of those with Quirks.  The only thing he has going for him is his seemingly endless supply of courage and compassion.  Really though, that’s what you need to become a hero.

Even though I always looked forward more to JoJo’s and Re:Zero, I will say neither of them made me feel how MHA did.  That first time All Might tells Izuku he can become a hero is a moment that still makes me tear up thinking about it.  When Katsuki and Izuku finally have their showdown in the hero/villain exercise was something I’d been wanting to see since the series began.  And there has been nothing–and I mean nothing–this entire spring season of anime that has given me chills, shivers, hype-tears, whatever else even close to what I got when All Might showed up to fight the League of Villains and went toe-to-toe with Nomu.  I just had to pause writing this so I could rub my face and calm down.  It gets me even now.

I’m giving My Hero Academia an 8.5 leaning more toward 9.  I really, really wish they would’ve just continued this first season so I could’ve given it a solid 9 or 9.5.   As it is, though, season one ends right when things feel like they’re about to get real.

That’s gonna do it for now, everyone.  I still don’t know how I’ll approach the other three I followed this season.  Maybe I’ll make a third post where I talk about where each of the series are at now.  Who knows?  (Not me.  I assure you.)

Peace out, and stay bizarre.


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