2016 Summer of Anime – New Cutey Honey

2) New Cutey Honey

The true master (mistress?) of disguise.

In the cyberpunk Cosplay City (I kid you not), crime reigns supreme.  Even the goofy parents of young Chokkei Hayami are bank robbers and former high school delinquents, but Chokkei hopes for a brighter future.  No one gives him that hope more than the mayor of Cosplay City, Mayor Light, and his secretary, Honey Kisaragi.  One day, the villainous Dolmeck makes his intentions known to get rid of Mayor Light and end hope once and for all, but Ch0kkei’s cyborg ninja grandfather Donbei (I kid you not) returns, which begins to jog the memory of Honey.  She begins to realize she’s only a secretary sometimes.  Sometimes, she’s a sweet girl just trying to live her life.  But in reality, she’s the hero this worlds needs once again–Cutey Honey.

Go Nagai fascinates me.  I’m nowhere near as familiar with his works as I want to be, but that still stands.  It’s kinda one of my anime goals to watch everything based off his works.  Hell, I’d love to read all of his manga one day, but that involves learning Japanese, and I’m bad at learning.  Anyway, if you only have a cursory knowledge of some of his work, you know the man’s imagination is second to none.  He’s created some of the most iconic characters over in Japan.  I just wish he and his works got more respect over here.  Somehow, New Cutey Honey was the only piece from the Cutie Honey franchise in the States for the longest time.  Which is a shame, because it’s a lot of fun.

Even though this is set 100 years after the original 1973 show, you don’t need to see the original before you watch this.  I think the only thing you’ll lose is the impact of a major return from the old series.  Again, it’s not necessary, though, because Honey just pulls you right in.  She is an interesting character.  By all rights, she should be extremely dour.  She’s an android  who’s outlived mostly everyone she’s ever known, and the evil of her greatest enemy still lives on.  Honey’s the brightest thing in the show, though.  She’s so vibrant she brings hope to those around her.  Her transformations and disguises are always unique and colorful.  Plus, she’s hot.  There’s no getting around that.

Yes, Honey’s a badass.  She’ll use any trick she can think of to win the day, she’ll forgive an opponent if she thinks they can truly change, and she can throw-down with the best of ’em.  That alone would be enough to get someone to check this show out, but there’s the added bonus of nudity.  Every fight and transformation involves nudity.  That’s just how it is.  But, it doesn’t feel gratuitous here, and I don’t know why.  In other anime with this much fan-service, I usually laugh at the absurdity or shake my head and wonder why I’m not watching something decent to better myself as a human being, but it’s different in New Cutey Honey.  I can’t put my finger on it.  It’s just…Honey, I guess.

Other than Honey, the main thing to praise here is the animation.  OVAs from the ’80s and ’90s tend to be my jam.  I may not care for the story, but I love looking at them.  There’s just something about them.  Like I said, though, there’s not much else to praise.  The supporting characters offer some good jokes, but they mostly feel like hindrances.  The villains are also kinda forgettable.  I’ll always remember Jewel Princess, Peeping Spider, and Dark Maiden, but the others are already fading.  And, the main story of the OVA is finished in the first four episodes.  The final four deal with random mooks getting powered by the remnants of the Big Bad, but the Big Bad never makes their return.  It’s probably because there was supposed to be another four episodes, but they never came to pass.  Which really saddens me because I want to know where it was all going.

Also, I want to give a special shout-out to episode seven–“Prison is the Nest of Evil.”  Here, the thugs around town are being abducted and placed on a prison island.  The mistress of the island, Scorpion, keeps the women and forces the men to fight her champions to the death for the honor of joining her group.  (As you do.)  Not only is the story the kind of absurdity I love from Nagai, but this episode also has Akira Fudou.  He doesn’t transform into Devilman, but it was still great seeing him.  The final reason I love this episode is because it has my favorite Honey transformation.

Honey Riger Mask

That’s not Jushin Thunder Liger, you fool!  That’s Riger Mask!

Oh, one more thing:  That OP is a damn earworm.

Holy crap, too many words again.  I swear I’m gonna make these posts shorter.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  Well…I want to.  But yeah, I’m gonna give New Cutey Honey a 7 out of 10.  All of that seven is thanks to the animation, the intro, and the wonderful Honey herself.  If it had been a complete series, I probably would’ve scored it higher.  Who knows?  I might go back and change the scores of everything I watch this summer anyway.  I usually do.


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