2016 Summer of Anime – Chivalry of a Failed Knight

1) Chivalry of a Failed Knight

I thought the redhead could fly around on her sword.  Lies.

I know what you’re thinking, “But, Sawce, you just posted about spring anime?  What’s this ‘Summer of Anime’ nonsense?”  Well, the spring season of anime is what’s currently airing in the Land of the Rising Sun.  The Summer of Anime is what I (try to) do every year.  Basically, summer is when I (try to) watch a lot of the anime that’s been chilling in my backlog–be it physical or digital.  At first, it was because summer was the only time I didn’t have to study.  After I graduated, it’s because this is the only time when none of my American TV shows are airing.  So, for this Summer of Anime, I’m going to (try to) write a post about each of the anime I knock out during the summer.  Here we go.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight is set in a world where magic exists.  The people who can use this magic are known as Blazers and use said magic to manifest their souls in weapon form.  (As you do.)  Most of these Blazers attend academies to train and become Mage Knights.  One of these is Ikki Kurogane, an F-Rank student at Hagun Academy.  That means he’s the lowest of the low–a no-talent Blazer who got held back a year because he couldn’t take any classes.  Well, one day he accidentally walks in on recently transferred A-Rank hottie princess Stella Vermillion (le gasp).  Even though he does the gentlemanly thing and offers to remove his own clothing so that they’re on equal footing (a legit funny scene), she takes umbrage at his actions and demands he commit seppuku (another fairly amusing scene).  One thing leads to another, and the two find themselves in a mock battle where the loser will become the winner’s slave for life.  One would think Stella has this in this bag, but–although he’s not a Transformer–there’s more to Ikki than meets the eye.

If you thought this sounds like Asterisk War, then you’re right.  The two actually aired during the same season and on the same day.  I honestly find that amusing.  Oh, if that “slave for life” bit worries you, it shouldn’t.  They’re both decent people, so nothing comes of it.  Except for a couple of fan-service moments.  Which is one of the things Asterisk War has over this.  Chivalry‘s fan-service is a decent bit heavier and far more forced than its rival’s.  It’s more of a crutch here.  Also, Asterisk uses its supporting cast much better.  They tend to fall to the wayside in Chivalry.  And, the main character’s little sister is in love with him.  I still don’t get why that keeps showing up in Japanese entertainment.  It’s both fascinating and disturbing, but I’ll be damned if they’re gonna get me to Google why.  But, this anime actually has a decent bit going for it.  First and foremost of these…


Here, it’s called the Seven Star Sword Art Festival.  We don’t actually get to the Festival this season; it’s all a large school-wide tournament to determine the six representatives who will compete for the title of “Seven Stars Sword King.”  This alone was enough to get me to watch Chivalry.  Throw in a fiery redhead and a lead protagonist who’s actually out to do something other than be a self-insert hero, and you’ve got a pretty entertaining anime.  Ikki and Stella’s relationship develops fairly fast since they’re roommates, and I’ll give credit where credit is due here:  This series doesn’t dawdle around.  The two become a couple pretty early.  That almost never happens in these stories.  Kinda refreshing.

I just wish the side characters were treated better.  Only one of the supporting cast fights is shown in full, but it was one hell of a fight.  I wanted to see more of these characters.  Especially Nagi Arisuin–a male student who identifies as female and prefers to be called Alice.  The audience is aware she’s very powerful, but we never get to see her in action.  A real shame.  I’d love to see one of her fights, which is another area where this series shines.  The fights are awesome.  We know that Ikki will probably win since he’s the main protagonist, but the anime does such a good job of displaying how hard he has to work to keep up with these people that each of his big encounters feel like they could be his last.  The cool powers also add to the coolness of the fights.  Special shout-out in that area goes to Ayase Ayatsuji.  I love her sword, style, and ability.

This has wound up being a far longer post than I intended it to be (the others should be a lot shorter), but I have to mention the OP.  It’s effing awesome.  I did not expect such a great opening for this anime.  It even shows a different character at the end fighting Ikki depending on the arc.  I think I’m gonna go watch it a few more times.

Wow.  Almost 900 words.  Okay, I give this a 7.5 out of 10.  If you like Asterisk War or any of their ilk, give it a shot.


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