Who Goes There, Day 28 – Favorite Actress

28) Favorite Actress

No one does wide-eyed anger/shock quite like her.

This was a difficult one for me since I don’t know many of the actresses from Doctor Who outside of it.  Sure, I’d seen quite a few of the actors, but only one or two of the actresses in guess spots here and there.  So, I’m going with the one I’ve seen at least two times outside of Doctor Who (I know that’s weak)–Karen Gillan.

Gillan’s one of the funniest people on the show.  If it weren’t for Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, she might actually be the funniest.  Plus, she handles the tragedy just as well as she handles the comedy.  All the stuff she went through involving her pregnancy, cloning, and losing the people closest to her in one way or another (Amy Pond had it rough) was made even more heartbreaking by Gillan’s excellent expressions.  I’m not sure if you need an emotional face to be a great thespian, but Gillan is able to look happier, angrier, and sadder than almost anyone else on the show.  And her dedication in “The Girl Who Waited” was impressive.  The woman is great at her craft, and she’s only getting better.

Also, she’s gorgeous.  Had to throw that in.


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