Who Goes There, Day 27 – Favorite Actor

27) Favorite Actor

You had me at, “Hello.”

So, the next couple entries are for favorite actor and actress.  That struck me as a bit odd since you’d assume those would’ve already been covered on previous days, but I guess it’s not so.  My favorite actor who appeared regularly is John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness.

See, finally watching Doctor Who at this point was particularly interesting for me since I’m seeing this people after I’ve been a fan of some of them for a while–pretty much the opposite of everyone else.  So, when John Barrowman finally showed up, I was ecstatic.  I love the man on Arrow.  Papa Merlyn wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if someone else were playing the character.  I have a feeling it’s the same with Cap’n Jack.  Barrowman pulls off the universally attractive/attracted badass magnificently.  I sincerely hate that he isn’t in the show all that much.  Anytime he’s on screen, though, is gold.  The man’s charisma is just ridiculous.

Here’s to you, John Barrowman.  May you continue to woo the universe one being and/or thing a time.


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