Who Goes There, Day 25 – Favorite Couple

25) Favorite Couple

The Doctor is weirded out by his mom and dad making out.

This is another one that begins and ends with the Ponds.  Yes, I love Madame Vastra and Jenny, the Doctor and River, and Cap’n Jack and all of time and space, but the Ponds take it.  They were just meant to be.  You think Amy’s gonna leave Rory for the Doctor at first, but you realize it was never gonna happen.  Granted, that’s probably because Eleven immediately went to Rory to bring him along, but still.

I was so happy when they got married.  It was made even better that the wedding happened after the universe ended.  Not even the end of everything could stop these two from being together.  That’s why the whole possible divorce thing in “Asylum of the Daleks” was just way too out of left field.  Like, come on, guys.  Don’t even waste our time like that.  And when they finally left in “The Angels Take Manhattan”…. My heart.

So yeah.  The Ponds are the best couple in Doctor Who.  The Last Centurion and the Girl Who Waited.  I love ’em.


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