Who Goes There, Day 21 – Favorite Theme Song

21) Favorite Theme Song

My music is cool.

So, I’m kinda cheating on this one.  I think.  I assume “Favorite Theme Song” is referring to the intro.  Not sure, though.  Anyway, my favorite piece of music from Doctor Who is “I Am the Doctor” by Murray Gold which was introduced during Eleven’s run.

It is–ever more than the opening song–the music that first comes to mind when I think of the Doctor.  Hell, I even hear it my head now when I’m reading.  Going through Showcase Presents: Blue Beetle vol. 1, I heard this music play anytime Ted Kord was making his big hero move.  Firefist going a rampage?  “I Am the Doctor.”  Blue Beetle and Question join forces?  “I Am the Doctor.”  The Titans need help, the Justice League needs help, Chicago needs help?!  “I Am the Doctor.”

You knew stuff was getting epic when “I Am the Doctor” started up.  Especially during the whole, “The first question,” bit.  Chills, y’all.  Chills.


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