Who Goes There, Day 19 – Scariest Moment/Episode

19) Scariest Moment or Episode

Freakiest conversation EVER.

Yeah, scariest moment or episode, and it’s not “Blink.”  Kinda surprises me, too.  I mean, “Blink” is scary.  It really is.  The Weeping Angels are terrifying.  “Midnight,” though…oh man, this episode is unnerving.  This Companion lite episode sees the Doctor get on a shuttle with a group of others to see the sights of a planet on which nothing can live.  Then, something stops the shuttle.  Something attacks the shuttle.  After that, the door opens, closes, and one of the passengers starts copying the others.  Almost like this person who had conversed with them before all of a sudden has to learn their language all over again.

This episode scares me, guys and gals.  Not only the mystery of what happened to the woman, but also because of how the other passengers act.  Some want to throw the woman out onto this dead planet to be safe.  And then, some want to throw the Doctor out to be safe.  “Midnight” is truly scary because of this entity invading the shuttle and because I feel like we see humanity at the lowest it’ll ever be in Doctor Who.  And because, well…you can understand their terror.  You can understand why they feel the way they do.  You want to think you wouldn’t do the same in their shoes, but I dunno.

“Midnight” scares the hell out of me.


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