Who Goes There, Day 18 – Funniest Moment/Episode

18) Funniest Moment or Episode

Two Guys, a Baby, and a Cybermat.

Another great thing about Doctor Who is there’s quite a bit of humor mixed in with the zaniness, adventures, and feels.  I laughed fairly often watching this show.  Especially during Donna Noble’s tenure as a companion.  That woman is awesome.  As for episodes that are just straight up hilarious, though, it comes down to the two episodes where the Eleventh Doctor comes into Craig Owens’s life and weirds things up.  I thought about going with the first episode “The Lodger,” but I think “Closing Time” is just a bit funnier.

Craig trying to care for his son on his own for the first time, the Doctor getting a job at a toy store, the two being mistaken for a gay couple, them versus a wee little Cybermat…. So much comedic gold here.  I also love that the Doctor can speak baby.  A fact that leads to my favorite joke, which is the name Craig’s son Alfie has chosen for himself–Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.  Great times.

I will say that it saddened me to see the Cybermen get kinda nerfed here.  I’m never a fan when legitimate threats get demoted for no real reason, but the humor of this episode (especially during such a dark arc) is too fantastic.



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