Who Goes There, Day 17 – Saddest Moment/Episode

17) Saddest Moment or Episode

We don’t want you to go.

Whovians will be quick to tell the uninitiated that there are plenty of sad moments and episodes in Doctor Who.  I don’t really think there are that many, but when they want to pull the heartstrings, they do so effortlessly.  For me, this was another coin flip.  Even then, I almost ignored the coin flip.  Brigadier Cyberman was almost on this one.  And even though these are spoiler-filled, I still won’t go into detail about that name since I don’t want it ruined for anyone.  But, the one I finally decided to go with is Ten’s farewell.

The whole thing is done extremely well.  “The End of Time” parts one and two see the Doctor at his most frantic.  Ten knows his time is ending, and he’s been doing everything he can to run from it.  Then, with the Master defeated once and for all (*hint hint wink wink nudge nudge*) and the Time Lords returned to the Time War, the Tenth thinks he’s done it.  He’s escaped.  The Master heard the four drumbeats, and now he who knocks four times is dead (wibbly-wobbly, prophecy-wophecy)!  Except he’s not.  Wilfred Mott–Donna Noble’s grandfather–has accidentally locked himself in a room that will kill him, so in order to get the Doctor’s attention, he knocks four times.  The Doctor rants and raves about this one old man having to be there, but then he does the most selfless thing ever.  The last Time Lord, who’s lived for almost 1000 years, sacrifices himself to save one man.

That’s not enough, though.  We then get his farewell tour.  Ten travels to different moments in time to help his old companions one last time.  He saves Sarah Jane’s son from getting run over, stops a Sontaran sniper from killing Mickie and Martha, encourages Cap’n Jack to strike up a conversation with a nice lad at a space bar, goes to the book signing of Verity Newman (long story I don’t feel like gettting into here…she’s the descendant of a woman Ten fell in love with), leaves a winning lotto ticket with the Nobles, and he even goes to see Rose Tyler before she meets the Ninth.  After all that, he returns to the TARDIS and begins his regeneration.  It was already heartbreaking to see him saying goodbye in his own way to his friends, but then we get a sad David Tennant almost looking directly at us, saying, “I don’t want to go.”  I teared up.  It got me.

So yeah, the end of “The End of Time: Part Two” is the saddest moment in all of Modern Who to me.  Can’t wait to talk about the funniest tomorrow.


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