Who Goes There, Day 16 – Favorite Season

16) Favorite Season

Series 6 is cool.

The thing I really love about the Eleventh Doctor is his three series feel like a complete story.  There is a beginning, middle, and end.  He also kinda closes out a trilogy of the Modern Doctors (to me, at least), but I won’t get into that now (think man, myth, legend).  Anyway, my favorite part of his story is the middle.

Eleven is essentially a child who’s entered the world with a large and admittedly well-deserved ego.  Things only get worse.  His infamy grows and grows until it gets to the point where a time-travelling religious off-shoot army screws around with his companions and uses the Ponds’ child as their own personal Time Lord assassin.  Wow.  Typing that out was weird.  But yeah, River’s the one who points out to the Doctor that he can’t really blame them.  He has established a name for himself as the most dangerous being of all time.  And she’s right.  Series 6 is all about him accepting this.

I mean, it starts off with him gathering the Ponds and River so they can see him die.  Then, it’s revealed he invited his past self as well.  So, the Doctor finds out when and where he dies, who does it, and why it happens.  How does a time-traveler escape his own death?  Well, that’s why I love this series.  I loved seeing the Doctor’s notoriety reaching its zenith and finding out how he tricks time itself so that he can live.



  1. Good choice! I also love that season, you reminded me of all the drama that was going on and how well-done it was. The 11th Doctor was actually my first, then I went back and caught up on the other modern Doctors… but he remains my favorite. The way the story played out with River and the Ponds in that season is really interesting and fun, I enjoyed all the twists and turns.

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