Who Goes There, Day 15 – Favorite Special

15) Favorite Special

Oh, what a day.  What a lovely day!

There was no question with this one.  Yes, I love most of the other specials, but my favorite is by far “The Day of the Doctor.”  I can only imagine what this was like for longtime fans of the show.  I mean, I started this show in late January and got to this in mid-February, and I still lost my crap when John Hurt first debuted as the War Doctor.  John Hurt’s the man!

Probably the main reason I love this special so much is because–for the first time–it felt like Eleven really did come after Ten.  To me, the Tenth Doctor definitely came after the Ninth.  There was a sense that it was in the same universe.  Eleven was such a huge departure from the two before him, though.  It was completely different.  I almost didn’t believe he was still the Doctor!  With the War Doctor bringing them together, though, a sense of oneness was found.  That’s just one reason I love this special.

I loved the Moment taking on the form of Rose Tyler and calling itself Bad Wolf.  Granted, that bit helped unifying the modern Doctors, so it goes back to my previous point, but hey.  Finally seeing some of the Time War was great, too.  That was certainly a long time coming.  Also, I get chills even now remembering all the Doctors coming together to save Gallifrey.  That was awesome.  The bit with the Zygons was odd, but seeing the two most arrogant Doctors handling the situation was fun.

“The Day of the Doctor” is cool.


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