Who Goes There, Day 14 – Favorite Multi-Parter

14) Favorite Multi-Parter

Look at all those awesome people.  Jackie’s there, too

I’ve mentioned quite a few of my favorite tropes in this countdown, and it’s time to talk about another one.  I love in any form of fiction when old allies return to help.  I love it even more when all of the old allies return to help.  Going into “The Stolen Earth”/”Journey’s End,” I didn’t know everyone was coming back.  Sure, I knew Rose would since it’d been shown she was trying to find her way back into this dimension, but Mickie, Sarah Jane, Martha, and Cap’n Jack all pitched in!  Jackie was there, too.

I wound up picking this multi-parter almost solely for that reason.  I mean, I met and wound up liking most of these characters over four series.  Rose was just there at first, but I was sad when it was her time to go.  I hated Mickie in the beginning, but man, I grew to love that guy.  Martha started as a lovesick puppy, but grew into a badass in her own right.  Sarah Jane hadn’t been around much in Modern Who, but she was already awesome.  And I always loved Cap’n Jack and Donna Noble.  Always.  Jackie was there, too.

I also love how large scale Davros’s plan was.  Snatching entire planets out of time and space to create a superweapon.  That’s just epic.  Obviously, that’s where “The Stolen Earth” gets its name.  “Journey’s End” gets its name from something that breaks my heart whenever I think about it to this day.  Yes, Donna Noble’s journey came to an end, but at least she didn’t die.  Actually, this kinda serves as the end for all of the companions.  This was their last adventure with the rogue Time Lord and would only be seen again as Ten made his farewell rounds in “The End of Time.”  Jackie was there, too.

So yeah, this isn’t the best multi-parter (I genuinely don’t know which I think is the best), but it’s definitely my favorite for the Daleks’ grand plan and the companions strutting their stuff one last time.  Unfortunately, Jackie was there, too.


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