Who Goes There, Day 13 – Least Favorite Episode

13) Least Favorite Episode

They should’ve called themselves “Nurses Why.”

This one could’ve been interpreted as, “Of all the episodes you consider your favorites, which is at the bottom of that list?”  I’m interpreting it as, “Is there an episode you just straight up like that much?”  It’s “Love and Monsters.”  Without a doubt.

The way I’ve put together this list, I’ve tried to not double up on episodes, characters, and the like, but the only villain I really don’t care for is from the only episode I don’t care for.  Yeah, “Love and Monsters” is the only one I regularly paused during to do something else or see how much time was left.  It’s just…dull.  The villain is doo-doo, too.  I don’t mind Doctor lite episodes.  Hell, “Turn Left” was on my list of favorites, and “Blink” is amazing.  This one just doesn’t work, and the ending is…worrisome.

Bonus points for Moaning Myrtle, though.  I chuckled.


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