Who Goes There, Day 12 – Favorite Single Episode

You may notice this one doesn’t open up with a picture.  Well, that’s because I had a tough time with this one.  So tough I had to narrow this down to one episode per Doctor.  Even then, I couldn’t cut it down past those four.  Thus, I’m cheating.  I’m gonna list my favorite single episode for each Doctor.  Here we go.

Ninth Doctor – “Dalek”

12a) Favorite Single Episode

As I stated a while back, this is the episode that made go, “Okay.  So, this is what’s got everyone talking.”  I finally got to see what the Doctor is really all about.  After watching “The Day of the Doctor,” Nine makes so much sense.  His willingness to torture and even kill the Dalek was chilling.  This was also the episode that made me realize why the Doctor travels with people.  He needs companions to remind him who he’s supposed to be after he’s changed so much.  Just a damn good episode.

Tenth Doctor – “Turn Left”

12b) Favorite Single Episode

Okay, “Turn Left” isn’t necessarily my favorite single episode story of Ten’s tenure.  This was a coin flip, and this Doctor lite episode won.  I love “It’s a Wonderful Life” episodes, and this is one of the finest.  What would have happened had Donna Noble not gotten that job that got her tied up in all that alien mess?  Well, the Earth would’ve gone to crap.  Thank God for Donna Noble.  Seeing what she and her family would’ve gone through without the Doctor is just heartbreaking.  Brilliant episode.

Eleventh Doctor – “A Good Man Goes to War”

12c) Favorite Single Episode

To me, this episode perfectly encapsulates the Eleventh Doctor.  A huge, intricate plot involving time travel, cloning, and an army to take down the Doctor…which goes to shit.  The picture I chose is my favorite part in the episode when Rory just strolls into the middle of a bunch of Cybermen demanding information while the Doctor destroys the rest of the fleet.  This was such an epic plot with a lot of revelations.  “Night will fall and the dark will rise when a good man goes to war.”

Twelfth Doctor – “Listen”

12d) Favorite Single Episode

Oh man, this is such an awesome episode.  Clara at her Clara-est, a mystery we want solved more than anything, the Doctor’s quest for knowledge, and a twist I genuinely didn’t see coming.  I loved the idea of the possible creatures.  I already like Twelve, but this is the one that really made me a huge fan.  If you want to give his run a shot, check out this episode.  It’s not for the pudding-brained.


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