Who Goes There, Day 11 – Character You’re Most Like

11) Character You're Most Like

Yeah, that’d probably be my reaction, too.

This was another difficult one.  Not because there are lot of candidates.  No, it’s actually the opposite this time.  I don’t really think there are many characters in Doctor Who who are similar to me in any way.  But, there is one I can sympathize with.  One that truly reflects the old soul I have.  And that’s the “Disapproving Grandfather” Twelfth Doctor.

I love Twelve so much.  He still has a thirst to travel around and go on adventures, but he looks at everyone with such disappointment in his eyes.  Clara Oswald gets excited about meeting Robin Hood?  Twelve scoffs and beats him with a spoon.  People ask for help?  Scowls.  Little kid thinks they’re special?  Nope, just a pudding brain.  Actually, I love that phrase.  “Pudding brain.”  I need to use that more often.

Hearing about Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is actually what made me want to check out Doctor Who.  I liked the idea of the guardian of all time and space being a grumpy old man.  After seeing his first series, I can say that I love it.  Plus, the man’s first episode has him flirting with a T-Rex, and I like to think I could be that open-minded.  Well…maybe not that open-minded.  Here’s to you, Twelfth Doctor–my old soul brother.


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