Who Goes There, Day 10 – Character You Most Want to See Again

10) Character You Most Want to See Again

I like Doctor Who’s take on X-23.

Gotta admit, I flipped a coin for this one.  It was either gonna be Jenny or the War Doctor.  I would love to see Doctor 8.5 kicking butt in the Time War, but the coin was flipped, so that’s not what we’re talking about.  We’re here to talk about Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter from…”The Doctor’s Daughter.”

I mean, she’s not his actual daughter (he does have kids out there somewhere, though).  Jenny’s his clone that was created by these humans who were going to war for no good reason with the Hath.  The Doctor refused to accept her, but the great and mighty Donna Noble convinced him otherwise.  I was interested to see what would happen with the Doctor taking his “daughter”–a brand new Time Lord–aboard the TARDIS and adventuring around.  But, she died.  Yeah, that happens quite a bit.  So, the Doctor, Donna, and Martha Jones (she was there, too) left Jenny’s body on the world on which she was born.  Bit of a downer ending (that happens quite a bit, too), but she is a Time Lord.

See, she got the Doctor’s ability to regenerate too (oh wow, she really is X-23), and now she’s flying around in a rocket she stole.  That’s right, we have the cloned daughter of the “last” Time Lord gallivanting around…and we’ve never seen her again.  Really.  There’s so much potential there!  Why haven’t we seen her again?  You could argue that the Doctor really thinks she’s dead, but I’m not so sure about that.  I think it might be related to why he tried to abandon Jack Harkness–she’s unnatural to him.  Despite him seemingly accepting Jenny, the fact that she’s an actual cloned Time Lord doesn’t sit right with him.  Or, he really does just think she’s dead.

Either way, someone needs to find a way to bring her back into the fold.  There are too many good stories that can be told with her around.


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