Who Goes There, Day 9 – Most Annoying Character

9) Most Annoying Character

Just go home.

If there’s one trope I never noticed when I was a kid but I sure as hell do now, it’s the precocious kid sidekick.  That seemingly necessary youngin’ thrown in to bring in the kids.  Now, I don’t know if that’s what Courtney Woods was supposed to be, but she was looking awfully Scrappy-Doo-ish to me.  I just groaned every time she came on screen.  Her whole “Hey, I’m a trouble-maker, but you should totally take me in your spaceship ‘cuz reasons,” shtick was tired before she showed up.  Although it is funny that her adventure with the Doctor is allegedly the catalyst to her rise as President of the United States.  But still, I’m so glad she seems to be gone from the show.   May I never see you again, Courtney.

As a sidenote, Jackie Tyler was also considered for this one.  Every version of that woman is shrill and unpleasant, but her love for her daughter brought out the best in the character.  Usually.


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