Who Goes There, Day 7 – Favorite Alien

7) Favorite Alien

Upgrade me.

First off, I want to give a shoutout to my homies, the Sontarans.  When I first saw those potato-headed, diminutive warriors, I fell in love.  Those guys are awesome!  Plus, they’re the race that gave us Strax, and Strax is magnificent.  So yeah, the Sontarans are a close runner-up.  Number one in the hood, though, goes to the Cybermen.

I love the Cybermen.  Sure, they’re only, like, third or fourth on the threat scale in Doctor Who, but they look so cool.  Just look at them!  I think I overall prefer their Cybus Industries design over their newest one, but that’s only by a little.  Hell, the only Doctor Who figure I own right now is a Cyberman.

Any episode that features them as a main part is an instant classic to me.  They’re kinda unstoppable but not quite as OP as Daleks, so they don’t suffer as much when it comes to getting nerfed.  It does happen, though (looking at you, “Closing Time”…even though I still like ya).   Another thing that might add to my love them is a bit of nostalgia.  See, I remember my mom watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and even though I don’t remember watching too much with her, I know I was terrified of the Borg.  And I think the Cybermen and Borg share more than a few similarities.  Enough that I felt pretty strongly about them the first time they appeared in “Rise of the Cybermen.”

So yeah, a mixture of a freaking great design, terrifying objective, and more than a few solid stories have led the Cybermen to being my favorite alien in the franchise.


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