Who Goes There, Day 6 – Scariest Villain

6) Scariest Villain

Don’t blink.

There were a few contenders for this spot.  Thought about going with the Vashta Nerada–those creepy microscopic things that look like shadows and use that to stalk their prey.  Since they were only in two episodes (and I do love those episodes), I decided not to go with them.  Bonus points for making their victims of those episodes look like the Space Kook (google it if you don’t know–you’ll probably chuckle).  Also considered the Silence, but since they wound up being kinda well-intentioned extremists, I figured they didn’t fit the bill either.  Whatever the hell the villain was in “Midnight” was high on the list, too; however, there’s only one villain that’s consistently freaked me out every time they’ve shown up.

The Weeping Angels are a brilliant creation.  A being that is literally incapable of moving if it’s being looked at (even if that does remind one of Kel Mitchell’s immaculate portrayal of Invisible Boy in Mystery Men).  It’s also a stroke of genius to count the audience as people looking at them so we never see them move…kinda.  That’s still my big complaint about “The Time of Angels”/”Flesh and Stone.”  You only get to see one of them turn its head, but that really took away from the terror of these beings.  I also think things got a bit too weird with them in “The Angels Take Manhattan.”  The idea of other statues becoming Angels is cool (the Statue of Liberty did look terrifying), but that complicated a pretty simple, fascinating villain.  That’s why I’m with the majority in saying their debut episode “Blink” is one of the greatest Modern Who episodes.

But yeah, the Weeping Angels are great villains.  I mean, they displace their victims in time and feed off the potential energy left behind.  That’s just cool!  Terrifying…but cool!  They’re also malicious as seen in those instances where they just break peoples’ necks instead of feeding.  These things are scary as hell, and I’ve already had more than one nightmare involving them.


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