Who Goes There, Day 3 – Least Favorite Companion

3) Least Favorite Companion

Okeydokey, Doctor Jones!

Remember how I said I had a difficult time picking my favorite companion?  Yeah, this wasn’t hard at all.  No disrespect to Martha Jones, but she’s the worst companion of the modern era.  I know that sounds like disrespect, but I don’t mean any.  I mean, I actually like Martha.  I just don’t think her tenure as a companion was that good.

See, she’s one of those companions who’s in love with the Doctor and sees no wrong in him.  Yes, she’s extremely smart, but she’s so ruled by her feelings for Ten that you kinda forget she’s almost a doctor herself.  She was the companion for some great stories, though.  You won’t see me argue against that.  The “Human Nature”/”The Family of Blood” two-parter is magnificent, and they just kick off a series of simply awesome episodes.

I will acknowledge how much I like Martha post-companion.  She’s finally become a doctor and an agent of UNIT.  If we had gotten that Martha as a companion, she might’ve been a contender for my favorite.  As it stands, though, she takes home the Least Favorite Companion award.  But hey, she’s the only one of Ten’s companions whose split with him wasn’t terrible.  Sounds like a “W” to me.


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