Who Goes There, Day 1 – Favorite Doctor

Tenth Doctor

Tenth in the series; first in our hearts.

Big surprise, right?  Yeah, David Tennant had the best run as the Doctor.  From what I’ve seen, at least.  I ran across someone that described his Doctor as “Tinkerbell Jesus,” and that’s a brilliant description for the Tenth.  I just had more fun watching Ten’s episodes than I did with the other three.  His charisma is simply undeniable.  Also, Ten might be the most flawed of all the Doctors.

With Nine, we get glimpses of why the Doctor should probably have people traveling with him.  But Ten is the one that shows us why he needs to have companions.  We get to see the Doctor’s rage and ego go unchecked quite a few times during Ten’s run, and it’s usually when he’s been alone that these moments occur.  He forgets why he does what he does and abandons caution.  One of the clearest examples of this is in “Waters of Mars” when he crosses a big line and drops this, “The laws of time are mine, and they will obey me!”  It elicited an audible, “Yikes,” from me.

Mix in all of that with his daredevil attitude and great costume, it’s easy to see why people love Ten so much.  Plus, he beat Satan.  How can you not love that?


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