Who Goes There – A 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge

There’s a show that I’d been meaning to get to for years.  It’s one of those I figured I’d really like, but a combination of its history (even though its long history is one of the reasons I’ve been interested in it) and fandom (I really hate fandoms) kept me from it.  Well, as the last week of January 2016 began, one of my buddies let me know this show was leaving Netflix as soon as February began.  That meant it was time to bite the bullet and dive right in.


Doctor Who has evolved into a media juggernaut.  Sure, it seems to have lost some steam now that the young, attractive Doctors have left (even though I think Matt Smith is a freaky-lookin’ dude), but the legacy stands.  It’s honestly fascinating that this series that began as a sort of educational show is beloved by sci-fi fans the world over.  I get it now, though.

I didn’t grow up with the show.  I’d never seen an episode.  Yes, I’d done research and knew more about the franchise than I realized, but I wasn’t excited about starting it.  In fact, I went in kinda against the rogue Time Lord.  I started watching with the first series (Christopher Eccleston’s run as the Ninth Doctor) since it’s the beginning of the modern era.  The first few episodes didn’t do much for me.  I was beginning to think I just wouldn’t care for the show.  But then I saw “Dalek.”  Right there I saw what people loved about Doctor Who.  The episode brought back one of his oldest foes, and clearly showed who the Doctor is.  After that, I was hooked.  I knocked out the first three series in one week.  Since that meant my time was up for watching it on Netflix, I found a great deal for the first eight series on DVD and ordered them from Ebay.  Finally finished ‘em up yesterday.


I’m still not entirely sure what I want to say about my experience with Doctor Who.  At first, I considered writing about each series and special as I finished them, but I’m not sure I have that kind of discipline.  Might do that for series nine, though.  Then I thought about just rambling like I did in my It’s Zoomsday post, but—even though I’m essentially doing that right now—that didn’t gel with me.  So, for now I’m settling on just talking about my absolute favorites from the eight series of Modern Who and their specials.

Thus, I’m Frankenstein-ing a 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge.  I couldn’t find one that I like 100%, so I’m just gonna do the entries that seem neat to me.  Decided to go that route since I started talking about my favorites in this post, and it got to be over 1000 words.  Nobody wants to read that.  Right now, the list looks like this:

  1. Favorite Doctor
  2. Favorite Companion
  3. Least Favorite Companion
  4. Favorite Villain
  5. Least Favorite Villain
  6. Scariest Villain
  7. Favorite Alien
  8. Most Badass Character
  9. Most Annoying Character
  10. Character You Most Want to See Again
  11. Character You’re Most Like
  12. Favorite Single Episode
  13. Least Favorite Episode
  14. Favorite Multi-Parter
  15. Favorite Special
  16. Favorite Season
  17. Saddest Moment/Episode
  18. Funniest Moment/Episode
  19. Scariest Episode/Moment
  20. Favorite Quote/Moment
  21. Favorite Theme Song
  22. Favorite TARDIS Interior
  23. Favorite Catchphrase
  24. Favorite Friendship
  25. Favorite Couple
  26. Favorite Gadget
  27. Favorite Actor
  28. Favorite Actress
  29. Favorite Writer
  30. Favorite Guest Star
  31. Bonus

Decided to throw in a bonus since March has 31 days.  Well, this was just the announcement for yet another blog series I probably won’t stick to, but I like to pretend.  Makes me feel all special and whatnot.  But yeah, see you crazy kids in March for the 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge.



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