It’s Zoomsday

This is gonna get ramble-y.  In fact, this is probably just gonna be a stream of consciousness (or perhaps a Streak of consciousness–get it?), so…Geronimo.

The Streak

He thought my joke was funny.  Justice Guild forever!

Why would the man in the mask tap out “Jay?”  He obviously seemed upset when Barry told him Jay was on Earth One.  Was he upset because the Flash seemingly abandoned his own Earth, or was it something else?  Was he trying to say that he himself is actually Jay Garrick?  Or that Zoom is Jay Garrick?  Who would that make the Jay Garrick who made it to our Earth?  This has me going in circles, I think.

See, I love this mystery because I think any Flash fan figured out real quick in season one that Harrison Wells was really Eobard Thawne.  This one, though, is a bit trickier.  “Zoom” brings to mind another character mentioned in this season–Hunter Zolomon.  He’s the alleged Earth One counterpart of the man we know as Jay Garrick.  Seems a bit odd.  One of my theories is that Jay is actually Earth Two Hunter Zolomon pretending to be his Earth’s Jay Garrick.  That would be a nice a little twist.  But where does that leave Zoom?


We just wanna know who you is.

My very first theory about that was that he’s Eddie Thawne.  I’ve fully believed somehow Eddie survived and became the new Big Bad.  Then again, he could just as easily be Earth Two Eddie.  After all, we know he exists.  We haven’t seen him, but his name is seen in Barry and Iris’s home.  The Thawne family may not be major players in Earth Two.  “Eddie” could also be referring to someone else, but I’ll return to that after this next bit.

The man in the mask.  Who is he?  Well, he’s either Eddie Thawne or the real Jay Garrick.  Yes, these characters are intertwined all through my head and thought processes right now.  Eddie probably doesn’t even factor into any of this, and that’s the damnedest part of it.  But yeah, the prisoner probably signed Jay because he’s actually Jay.  I’m seriously banking on that one.  Now, back to Zoom.

The Rival 2

Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Rival…makes ya head spin.  That’s why helmets are cool.

The Eddie listed on the Allens’ phone is more than likely E2 Eddie, but the name reminded me of someone else.  Someone I haven’t read any comics of, but a name I’ve come across in my reading up on the Flash mythos.  He, too, is heavily tied to Velocity 9, wears a darker Flash costume, and is one of Jay’s more notable villains–Edward Clariss.  This is someone I wish I knew more about, and I’m actually hunting down the Golden Age Flash Archives in hopes I can read his first few stories (if he had more than a couple–I genuinely know that little about him).  Edward Clariss is basically Jay’s Reverse-Flash.  He is the Rival.  In the comics, he’s not only Jay’s professor but he also creates Velocity 9.  Does that mean that Zoom is Clariss?  A character whose reveal won’t mean much to us?  I dunno.

I think the theory I’m going with for now is that the man in the mask is the real Jay Garrick.  That seems like a solid bet.  As for where Hunter Zolomon and Edward Clariss fit into this…that’s something I’m not too confident on.  Sure, we know what E1 Zolomon looks like, but does that mean alleged Jay is actually E2 Zolomon?  Could be.  Or, he could be Clariss, and he’s been working with Zoom.  I think his quest to regain his speed was a bunch of poppycock.  I think the creation of Velocity 9 is something he and Zoom were after for a bit.  I think Zoom “killing him” was actually a trick, and Zoom was just bringing him back.  Or, he’s just Jay.  Could be simple as that.  It’s all a bit exciting, really.  But for now, let’s go with alleged Jay being Zolomon and Zoom being Clariss.  That’s the best I can do when I’m just rambling.


Or maybe Pollux is involved!  Ultimate swerve!

Jay Garrick, Eddie Thawne, Hunter Zolomon, and Edward Clariss.  My mind has four names and three characters that need names.  That leaves one name out, but which will it be?  Just gotta continue riding the lightning to find out.

I actually have quite a few other theories that involve Savitar, future Barry, Wally, and Cobalt Blue, but they might be a bit too outlandish for this show at the moment.  Maybe I should do another “Zoom Candidates” article before we find out who he is.  Just for funsies.  Anyhoo, can’t wait until it’s all said and done and I look like an idiot for writing all this.  Should be fun, though.



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