Listmas 2015: Five Favorite Disney Cartoons

Hey, three lists for Listmas is pretty good for me since I forget every other post series I try to do.  So, with this list I’m going off memory.  I haven’t watched a few of these in years, and a couple I haven’t seen since I was but a wee little lad.  Also, I’m not including the short cartoons.  This is gonna be actual shows.  Without further ado, let’s get dangerous.

5) Disney’s Aladdin

3 Aladdin

Bet you thought this was gonna be Darkwing Duck with that segue!  Gotcha!  This is one of those I’ve not visited since my childhood.  Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie back then, so I loved seeing those characters even more in this series.  I often tell my friends of the episodes where Aladdin’s old crew come back to eff with him.  I remember that arc really got to me for some reason.  Also, the names.  Dear God, I love the punny names.

4) Darkwing Duck

3 Darkwing Duck

Now we’re at Darkwing Duck.  As with Aladdin, I sadly haven’t watched this even remotely recently.  But, it was the Disney cartoon I looked forward to most when I was a kid.  For a while, at least.  Plus, this cartoon should be on everyone’s favorite list just for the theme song.

3) Kim Possible

3 Kim Possible

This blends the punny names of Aladdin with the superhero antics of Darkwing Duck (sure both shows have those traits, but you’re picking up what I’m putting down).  And yes, Kim Possible is a superhero.  She is teenage female Batman.  She has a Robin, she has an Oracle, and she has a varied and recognizable gallery of rogues.  I’m honestly surprised Disney hasn’t revisited her in the past few years.

2) Gargoyles


This is what replaced Darkwing Duck as my favorite Disney cartoon when I was a kid.  I mean, I loved Batman: The Animated Series (still do), so of course I would love Disney’s answer to it.  I finally got to watch the whole show from start to end last year, and I gotta say it’s only gotten better.  Now that I’m older (and have an English degree), I see how they blended all these Shakespearean characters with mythological figures into this really cool modern fantasy cartoon.  The show has character growth, plot arcs, and Xanatos!  It’s criminal Disney hasn’t come back to it now that they have Marvel and Greg Weisman back.

1) Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls

Some might be surprised I put this above Gargoyles.  Hell, I’m kind of surprised I put this above Gargoyles.  But, Gravity Falls is just that fantastic.  It excels in everything it does.  I can think of episodes I don’t like in just about every cartoon I love.  I can’t do that with Gravity Falls.  Every episode I think of brings a smile to my face.  I’ll be sad to see it end, but at least it’s going out on its own terms.

So yeah, that’s it for this list and Listmas for me.  I’m gonna do better next year (maybe that can be one of my resolutions).  Keep it real, folks.


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