Listmas 2015: Top Five of Ben 10

No, this won’t be my top five episodes from all of Ben 10 since I haven’t finished Omniverse and I’ve no desire to re-watch all of it right now to make a decent list.  I will list my fave five of Ben’s transformations, though.  Kinda cheating a bit as I put this list together, like, two years ago somewhere else, but hey, I do what I can.

5) Ultimate Echo Echo

2 Ultimate Echo Echo

Some of these bits right here might be short because it has been a hot minute since I’ve taken a look at the Ben 10-verse, but I remember loving Ultimate Echo Echo.  He looked really cool, and he was most certainly an upgrade from the previous form.  Sound manipulation always lends itself to neat uses, too.

4) Upchuck

2 Upchuck

Okay, so this little dude here eats stuff.  He eats anything.  He eats everything.  And then he blasts it back it out as energy.  That’s just…awesome.  I love this little guy.

3) Gravattack

2 Gravattack

I’ve always loved characters who can use gravity as a power, so Gravattack instantly got me with his name.  Plus, his design is friggin’ cool.  Look at that molten meteor of heroism.  Look at it!

2) XLR8

2 XLR8

I know Ben gets another blue speedster later on in the series, but it was never going to live up to the uniqueness and coolness of XLR8.  The OG speedster transformation probably has my favorite design of the original 10, and I love dem speedsters, yo.

1) Rath


Okay, so…an intergalactic alien tiger pro-wrestler who always yells and speaks in the third-person.  Voiced by John DiMaggio.  This, ladies and gents, is what we call perfect.

And, there ya go.  Second Listmas list listed.  Woot woot.


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