Listmas 2013: Top 10 Superheroes

10) Psylocke

By Stanley Lau.

Second favorite X-Man!

I love the X-Men.  They’ve been with me since I was a kid, and–like with every other X-fan–my favorite team was my first team, the one from X-Men: The Animated Series.  That’s why I’m surprised Psylocke is one of only two X-Men in my top ten since she was in only a handful of episodes.  But man, I love Psylocke.  She’s a British-ish/Japanese-ish psychic ninja!  And, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have even tried Uncanny X-Force (one of my all-time favorite comics)

9) Atom Eve

Can't remember the artist's name.

One of the many reasons why Invincible is a great comic.

I have a weakness for redheads.  So when an awesome character with really cool powers shows up, and they happen to have red hair…they’ll get an automatic win in my book.  Eve is smart, funny, driven, loyal, beautiful, and powerful as hell.  Just talking about her makes me want to go back and re-read Invincible.

8) Spider-Man

Does whatever a spider can.

Does whatever a spider can.

The Wall-Crawler is another superhero that’s been with me since I was a wee little lad.  I guess his wit and constantly crapped-on life are ever-endearing traits.  He’s also one of those few characters who have multiple outfits that rock.  Seriously.  The classic, the symbiote, the Scarlet Spider, 2099, Noir, Iron Spider, FF, Superior, etc.  Spidey’s just an iconic guy.

P.S. Team MJ.

7) The Huntress

Had to use at least one Bruce Timm pic.

Had to use at least one Bruce Timm pic.

Ashamed to say i didn’t know about Huntress until Justice League Unlimited.  Her look stuck with me (gee, I wonder why?), and her story’s a pretty tragic one.  Whether she’s Helena Wayne or Helena Bertinelli, she’s a member of the Bat-family, so tragic backstory is a prerequisite, I guess.  It’s been a blast going back and reading as many of her comics as I can, though.

6) Starfire

By Elias Chatzoudis.

All the yes.

Really seems like cartoons introduced me to all my favorite characters.  Unlike the others, though, comic Starfire is vastly different from her animated counterpart.  Just look at the pic!  I hate what she became early on in the New 52 (and I still hate that she’s with Roy Harper), but it looks like everyone’s favorite Tamaranean warrior princess is on her way to ridding herself of that stigma.

5) Invincible

Behold the majesty.

Behold the majesty.

As much as I love Atom Eve and all the other supporting characters, Invincible obviously wouldn’t be the same without its titular character.  This is one of the most consistently awesome titles out there, and it’s got over 100 issues!  This kid is awesome.  He’s kinda the lovechild of Superman and Spider-Man, but he is so much cooler than the other two combined.

4) Red Robin

Using a pic from pre-New 52 because I miss the solo Red Robin series.

Using a pic from pre-New 52 because I miss the solo Red Robin series.

Tim Drake is hands down my favorite Robin.  I know everyone loves Dick Grayson because he’s the oldest and friendliest and whatnot, but Tim Drake is my dawg.  I loved his solo series as Robin, I loved his solo series as Red Robin, and the Teen Titans just don’t feel the same without him.  If I had to pick the main thing that makes me like him more than the other bird-brats, it’s that he’s closer to Batman mentally.  Batman’s mind is quite possibly his greatest weapon, and Drake’s thought processes follow almost those same wavelengths.  But, he also has the added benefit of being more open with his friends….sometimes.

3) Cyclops



There is no better, no truer, no more important X-Man than Cyclops.  I even used him in a leadership paper I wrote for class one time.  He’s tactical, powerful, and above all else, he strives for the survival of mutantkind nonstop.  Sure, a lot of people think he went nutso during AvX, but I was team X-Men the whole time.

2) The Flash

I think this is supposed to be Wally West.

I think this is supposed to be Wally West.

Now, I love all the Flashes.  Jay, Barry, Wally, Bart, and all the other multitude of speedsters who either have or will someday bear the name “Flash.”  But, Wally West is my favorite.  Barry Allen’s the one that got me interested in the Flash mythos, but Wally’s the one that cemented me there.  The moment that sealed it for me is when he had to escape death, so he ran so far into the future the concept of death no longer existed.  Can you say, “overpowered”?  I can, but when I say it it sounds more like, “awesome.”

1) Batman

Bruce Wayne is my favorite, but damn I love this pic.

Bruce Wayne is my favorite, but damn I love this pic.

Is this really a surprise?  It shouldn’t be.  Bruce Wayne is the greatest.  Like with the Flash, I generally love any character that dons the Bat-mantle (even AzBats and Grayson).  Decided to go with this pic because I think it sends home the message that Grant Morrison seemed to be after in his epic:  No matter the time or the place, there will always be Batman.



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